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Now the treatment of hepatitis B has a clear, standardized treatment strategies and methods, however, some of the treatment and the concept


Now the treatment of hepatitis B has a clear, standardized treatment strategies and methods, however, some of the treatment and the concept of blind spots still plagued many hepatitis B patients. In the daily use of drugs and life, affecting the entire process of hepatitis B treatment, but also on their own physical and life adversely affected.

Myth: fear of infection, not married

Patients receiving formal hospital treatment, marriage and birth is not a problem. There are three very important ways in the transmission of hepatitis B: blood, mother to child transmission and sexual transmission. General daily contact such as shaking hands, eating, talking, etc. is not infected with hepatitis B, but it is not to say that the hepatitis B infection can not get married, if the marriage will be transmitted to each other.

There are several ways, one is the health side to take protective measures, such as hepatitis B vaccine, antibody, has a complete protective effect. Another way to get married before the party if the hepatitis B virus replication is very high, the timing of antiviral treatment, antiviral treatment can be used to reduce the amount of virus. If the vaccine, but did not produce antibodies or no vaccine, or in the case of high viral load, take other measures, such as condoms and other measures.

For children, more than 90% of hepatitis B patients in our country is infected by mother to child or childhood infection. Mother to child vertical transmission in pregnancy, hepatitis B virus infection through the placenta (intrauterine infection) or delivery process and close contact after birth and infection. High maternal HBV load, increased risk of intrauterine infection. Then the two situation can be born in the newborn, immediately after the injection of immunoglobulin + hepatitis B vaccine, blocking the success rate of mother to child transmission of up to 90% ~ 95%.

Misunderstanding two: if only the liver damage.

Do not "palliative", the key of antiviral treatment of hepatitis B many hepatitis B patients, regardless of their severity, always love to eat "hepatoprotectants" think that since it is Months and years pass by., hepatoprotectants, insist on taking good. In fact, if improper use, for example: hepatoprotectants, symptomatic treatment is too long, the Mets dose is harmful.

The so-called "hepatoprotectants", refers to the ability to improve liver function and promote liver regeneration, enhance liver detoxification of drugs. "Drug" is actually a generic drug liver disease, mainly plays the role of adjuvant therapy, not radical treatment. If only a carrier of hepatitis B virus, the use of these drugs is inappropriate.

Although the liver protection drugs transaminase drop faster, but can not effectively inhibit the in vivo in patients with hepatitis B virus, can be described as palliatives. In the absence of identifying the cause of the case, the use of enzymes alone may conceal the truth of the disease. Even if it has been diagnosed as chronic hepatitis B, simply drop enzyme instead of anti-virus, it will only cause the normal appearance of transaminase, and even delay treatment.

Hepatitis B treatment to cure, antiviral treatment is the key. "Chinese hepatitis B prevention guide" clearly pointed out that the regular medication antiviral currently has two categories: one is the interferon; the other is oral antiviral drugs such as lamivudine, adefovir dipivoxil etc.. In the long-term treatment of patients with hepatitis B, should adhere to the use of a clear reduction in liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, fewer side effects, less economic burden of drugs.

Myth three: fear of resistance, no treatment.

Drug resistance is preventable and curable, without excessive fear, a good grasp of the 24 week, active management of drug resistance. Drug resistance is not a cure for hepatitis B. It is not necessary for patients to refuse oral antiviral therapy because of fear of drug resistance. Patients with hepatitis B by adhering to follow up, doctors can be found as soon as possible clues, as early as possible effective prevention and management of drug resistance. According to clinical experience, 24 weeks (half a year) is the key point of treatment. For resistance management, dosing is better than dressing, that is found in the 24 week there are signs of resistance, with no cross drug resistance loci, not only in the resistance "nip in the bud, and can greatly enhance the therapeutic effect.

"China hepatitis B prevention guide" the oral nucleoside (acid) analogues treatment advice: HBeAg positive patients at least 24 months of treatment, small Sanyang patients with no clear stop indicators, but at least 30 months or even longer. The treatment of chronic hepatitis B is a protracted war, not anxious, otherwise More haste, less speed.



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