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About ovarian maintenance...Most people know that the ovary is the female genital organs, physiological function to maintain women (i.e., th


About ovarian maintenance...

Most people know that the ovary is the female genital organs, physiological function to maintain women (i.e., the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine about belt, pregnancy and delivery, milk) and female secondary syndrome (body, breast, skin, etc.) plays a vital role, it can be said that the golden age is a woman's life ovarian period. Ovarian dysfunction, the first is the impact of female reproductive physiological function, followed by women's body, skin, hair and even the sound will be affected, therefore, ovarian health is important for women.

Ovarian function starting from puberty, maintained in women of child-bearing age, menopause gradually decline, about thirty years of life cycle, its main function is to ovulation and the secretion of sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, androgen and small) in a normal menstrual cycle, ovarian cyclical changes, influence ovarian tissues and organs with periodic change.

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standard, demand for the quality of life is improving, the beauty of women are aware of the importance of ovarian in the beautiful life, but it is a pity that many female friends do not understand because of features of the ovary, and the use of some scientific methods to blindly "maintenance" ovary, not only ineffective but even on ovarian damage caused by. Therefore, it is necessary to tell you some basic principles to protect their ovaries.

Periodic variation characteristics of 1 to conform to the maintenance of ovarian ovarian ovarian follicular phase, with ovulation and luteal phase in a menstrual cycle, TCM believes that different stages of menstrual cycle in the Yin and Yang Qi in a different state, such as after menstruation period is not too long. Yin can warm yang and Yin should convalesce the blood should eat light food, nourishing food, such as beans, tuber foods; pre menstrual period is positive for long periods of time, can be appropriate to eat some food or drug temperature raises, and increase the movement to make the blood flow, menstrual cramps and so on.

2 maintenance of ovarian according to their physical characteristics: Chinese medicine believes that the constitution is different of yin and Yang, cold, heat, deficiency and excess piansheng, we have to accept the food have chills and fever diarrhoea don't, as some female friends, the physical side of the heat and not weak, in order to long-term maintenance of ovarian or taking large amount of some deer glue, gelatin, spades, sesame, isothermal supplementary greasy food, will cause the body heat or heat worse. Instead of menstrual disorders and physical "lit" symptoms.

3 maintenance of ovarian physical and mental health the most important health way of life, a good attitude to the maintenance of ovarian function than what method is good, the female reproductive endocrine by cerebral cortex, long-term fatigue, stress or young people, the cerebral cortex is also inhibited, can directly affect the endocrine function of women.

In short, the ovary can be maintained, but must be tailored to each person's physical condition and physiological needs. At present, the so-called "maintenance" in the community of various methods, and some do not have a scientific basis, but the effect is very magical. Hope that the beauty of the friends in preparation for the acceptance of these methods, it is best to understand their body needs, so as to achieve the true conditioning effect.



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