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Bleeding after sexual intercourse, sometimes referred to as contact bleeding, is a woman often encounter a situation, there are a lot of peo


Bleeding after sexual intercourse, sometimes referred to as contact bleeding, is a woman often encounter a situation, there are a lot of people asked me such a situation, today focused on popular science.

The incidence of bleeding after sexual intercourse in a reproductive period of women, about 6%. Bleeding is usually found in or after sexual life, and menstruation is not.

Bleeding after intercourse is a sign of certain diseases, and if there is a need to be vigilant. Often the cause of bleeding after intercourse may be:

Cervical cancer: about 11% of cervical cancer patients may have bleeding after sexual intercourse, may also become the first symptoms.

Cervical inflammation: including Neisseria gonorrhoeae, chlamydia, anaerobic bacteria after pathogen infection leads to inflammatory cervical hyperemia, easily lead to contact bleeding, usually accompanied by a leucorrhea excessive yellowing performance.

Cervical polyp: usually from cervical canal prolapse, easy bleeding polyp in the performance of the contact.

Cervical tissue crisp: This is not a bad diagnosis, endocervical columnar epithelium in estrogen stimulation, will appear on the surface of the cervix, showed columnar eversion (past many doctors diagnosed as "cervical erosion") may also occur, contact bleeding situation.

Bleeding after sexual life, do not be too nervous, not necessarily had cancer, but still need to go to the hospital to allow doctors to check, doctors typically need to you with open vaginal speculum exposed cervix, if you have a long time no cervical scraping, will usually advise you do a cervical smear examination, if there is abnormal leucorrhea, leucorrhea is usually required to check. Some pathogens, such as chlamydia, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and BV, are usually subject to special tests before definitive diagnosis can be made. Cervical polyps are usually detected by a doctor's eye.

Cervical cancer, inflammation are required for the corresponding professional treatment, polyps can be removed in the clinic.

If after examination to exclude tumor, inflammation, polyps and other problems, so in other cases it does not require special treatment, cervical columnar eversion is a normal physiological phenomenon, without any treatment.

Therefore, the most important thing is to lead to bleeding after sexual life is a clear cause of bleeding, to understand the cause of the subsequent treatment.

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