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‍ hysterectomy is one of the most common gynecological surgery, abdominal or transvaginal hysterectomy for the uterus. Total hysterect


‍ hysterectomy is one of the most common gynecological surgery, abdominal or transvaginal hysterectomy for the uterus. Total hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus and cervix. Studies have shown that the whole hysterectomy itself, influence on the sexual behavior of patients is not obvious, there are about 40% of the patients, postoperative recovery as preoperative; sexual life frequency is only about 25% reduction or disorder; few cannot recover sexual life after operation, because of fear, or mistaken operation after abstinence by.

Some patients worry that after the removal of the uterus is not a woman, fear of sexual life. Actually otherwise. Female sexuality is ovarian secrete female hormone to maintain the uterus is pregnant fetus plays an important role, no fertility requirements, only the removal of the uterus, ovarian preservation, normal physiological characteristics can be maintained in women. For young women, the removal of the ovaries (not the uterus) has a certain effect on the sexual desire and sexual behavior of women. 6 weeks after hysterectomy, patients should go to the hospital for review to understand the situation of wound healing. After the general ban on sexual life for 3 months, in order to facilitate wound healing. Then you can get back to sex. After hysterectomy, the husband in life and housework, more caring, considerate and caring wife, wife to dispel concerns, anxiety, restlessness, let her feel the love of the husband, feel warm, the postoperative recovery of harmonious sexual life is very important. Generally speaking, just restore sexual life, taking into account the wound in the recovery period, the husband should be gentle and considerate, to start from the gentle caress, don't be too rude, action is not too intense, tentative to enter, to let his wife feel pain as (because of apical vaginal suture is wound, the vagina because the operation becomes shallow). If the same room when the blood, it should stop immediately, and went to the hospital to check the wound healing, or check whether the vaginal stump granulation tissue production. The two sides should communicate with each other, communication, step by step, with the passage of time, postoperative recovery time increases, the frequency of sexual life and gradually restored to the preoperative level. Clinical on young women, screening for cervical cancer without lesions, the total hysterectomy. Due to the retention of the cervix, vagina still maintain the original depth of feeling is hysterectomy is better in sexual life, but to have a regular cervical scraping examination, to prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer, stump cancer. Studies have shown that after hysterectomy in 3 ~ 5 years, ovarian function also will be affected by the impact, the patient will appear some symptoms of menopause, like Gerdorhan, irritable temper, vaginal dryness, and the effects of life, then go to the hospital. When necessary, the use of hormone replacement therapy or smear ointment Cod Liver Oil courtship pheromone, in order to facilitate a harmonious sexual life. In addition, the appropriate physical exercise, do couple health exercises, but also conducive to postoperative physical rehabilitation and sexual life harmony. In short, after hysterectomy, the husband and wife can still have a high quality of life. Each patient according to their own situation, summed up a set of suitable for their own way of life, in order to enhance the love of husband and wife, make life happy, happy family. Love tip: need to remove the uterus of several cases. 1 benign and malignant tumors of uterus. Such as uterine fibroids, of unmarried women, uterine fibroids increases to 12 weeks of pregnancy, menstrual bleeding to the degree of anemia or frequent urination, urgency, dysuria and compression; adenomyosis dysmenorrhea conservative treatment is invalid, intolerable pain; uterine or cervical malignancy. 2 dysfunctional uterine bleeding, close to menopause and the treatment of invalid. 3 rupture of uterus, severe uterine prolapse, etc..

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