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Now people are living a better life, but the incidence of cancer is also more and more high, the digestive tract tumor to esophageal and gas


Now people are living a better life, but the incidence of cancer is also more and more high, the digestive tract tumor to esophageal and gastric cancer is the most common, in fact, we can live a healthy diet, avoid the occurrence of tumor.

People in Shandong on the table, definitely not green onions and garlic, this kind of food is not only rich in local two, Shandong people and the incidence of gastric cancer is one of the reasons for the low. Because garlic extract can reduce carcinogen nitrite content, and rich in Welsh Onion allyl sulfides, can inhibit gastrointestinal bacteria to nitrate into nitrite, blocking the carcinogenic process.

The tumor hospital of Fujian province had high and low incidence areas for gastric cancer and healthy dietary structure, nutrition and diet have been done in the study of high and low incidence areas of gastric cancer in Shandong Province, Shandong people eat more garlic, reduce the incidence of gastric cancer. Really play a bactericidal effect of garlic is allicin, garlic it is spicy and pungent peculiar sources, but allicin is unstable, the heat will quickly lose their effect, so should be eaten raw garlic. Also, it is best to slice garlic placed after 15 minutes, let it generate oxygen combined with allicin before eating.

In Shandong, you will find that everyone has a son called garlic mortar that is used to crush the garlic and cold dishes together with food, few people eat cooked garlic.

The same people in Shandong also eat onions to eat, or cut, dip, or cold dishes to eat. The main nutritional components of onion is protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and other minerals. Modern pharmacology found that onions contain pungent volatile oil and capsaicin, has a strong bactericidal effect, can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, promote appetite, enhance physical fitness, improve the immunity of patients, naturally reduce cancer risk.

As for the relationship with gastric cancer, mainly is the onion rich compounds known as organic sulfide allylsulfides, enhanced enzyme activity can cause the body to get rid of carcinogens, prevent cancer. Polysaccharides containing green leaves in the agglutination with cancer cells, thus inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Therefore, anti gastric cancer might learn from Shandong, the appropriate raw point of green onions and garlic, but also to eat pickles, dried salted fish, bacon, so as to avoid excessive intake of nitrate and turn them into carcinogenic nitrosamines induced gastric cancer.

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