The children of filial piety is the old heart of the sun

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Huang Mouxiang 87 years old, diagnosed with gastric cancer for the past 5 years, vomiting and vomiting before the 1 week of the 2. In our co


Huang Mouxiang 87 years old, diagnosed with gastric cancer for the past 5 years, vomiting and vomiting before the 1 week of the 2. In our contact, learned that the old man has 5 children, the children can see very filial piety, let us feel warm in the second sentence and son contact you. Two "the son said his father older, looked at him from suffering illness, the heart is very uncomfortable, but not surgery, at a loss what to do, but I would like to take some measures in terms of medical treatment, let father Bingqu can be as comfortable as possible, also let the father of life with little hope, in the home suffer hospital indifference, hope there is a hospital humanization, try holding the attitude to the Tongji University Tianyou hospital."

Time back to the beginning of October 2015, Li Lei of director of Department of Gastroenterology in a Zuozhen, assisted by other people, slowly into the room from old man, who is a 80 year old man, accompanied by side is the second son, when the son of seats, bend the brows, then handed the old records and so on, Li a look at the edge of the medical records of elderly people, while listening to the son of Mr. Huang's illness narrative, that the elderly in other hospitals have been diagnosed with cancer, the recent emergence of abdominal distension after eating, aggravating, and occasionally accompanied by vomiting, cough, expectoration, fever, abdominal pain...... Other symptoms. Huang said that other hospitals to see the old age, and the condition is complex, are reluctant to be admitted, said tears surplus. Director Li side to comfort the families, and carefully read the medical records, and after careful inquiry, suggestions to the patients whole digestive tract examination, finally the results indicated that the complete obstruction caused by pyloric antrum cancer.

"The condition is complex, consider the elderly, not surgery, cancer cannot be cured, but can take conservative treatment, alleviate the patients, the elderly will be relatively comfortable, hospital treatment, we will do our best to heal!" Li Lei director of the old man's son to comfort Mr. Huang, Mr. Huang was reassured, put down the heart to accompany the old man to the hospital at ease!

Considering the conditions of patients, treatment programs in director Li Lei, director Yuan Yaozong, director of Department of Anesthesiology Zhang Junjie under the auspices of October 22nd for endoscopic pyloric stent implantation, postoperative vomiting symptoms can be alleviated, eating liquid. Pathological findings showed tubular adenocarcinoma. After stent implantation, the medical staff in the hospital before the careful treatment, physical condition is getting better.

In January 6, 2016, the old man again because of physical discomfort, previous similar symptoms in the early, Mr. Huang has full confidence of the director Li Lei, directly from Pudong took the old man to the hospital treatment of Tianyou hospital.

Huang recalled the scene when his father was hospitalized, like a movie screen, a frame from the eyes. Forget the father lying on the ward, medical staff careful treatment and care of the day and night, once can only rely on nutrition support for the life of his father, now can eat a little food, the old man lying on the bed to sleep peacefully, side is to take care of filial sons and daughters have been at his side. In the face of us, Mr. Huang is full of expectations, she said: "what good is the medical staff, and the medical team, I hope the father sick less pain, more longevity, a home is always a treasure, father alive, we will feel more dependable more happiness!"

During this period Li Lei director gives children full of confidence and trust, because of the director of the Li Lei trust, a few days before they came to director Li Lei colonoscopy patients, two son of Mr. Huang to the hospital, more humanized management, doctor's conscientious, meticulous communication, warm to the heart, specially to Department of Gastroenterology to write a letter of thanks full of warmth. And we not only harvest a patient's health, and trust, but also a harvest of hope and blessing.

Finally, the elderly are willing to care under the care of the elderly, the elderly under the care of the elderly, the elderly are willing to live in peace and health.

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