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Xinhuanet.com Nanjing in May 29, (Xu Jie Ye Nanyuan Qian Yuling) have been a doctor at the clinic, to the field of It is quite common for co


Xinhuanet.com Nanjing in May 29, (Xu Jie Ye Nanyuan Qian Yuling) have been a doctor at the clinic, to the field of It is quite common for consultation, but in the QQ group "Zuozhen" can be seen. Recently, the Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University gastroenterology department specially established a QQ group, Cory through the online expert Zuozhen, from all corners of the country were pointing to the maze.

The mother during pregnancy vomiting, the QQ group for help experts

A few days ago, a mother to leave such a passage in the QQ group: "I am a mother, pregnant before the stomach is not good, after the first three months of pregnancy up particularly fierce. Especially eat something, caught in the throat, which has not come out, into the entrance, feel the stomach like what was pulled as uncomfortable, vomit often mingled with blood. Four months pregnant when finally not spit, but will still have a stomachache. Now more than six months suddenly began to vomit, began to just bloodshot, suddenly spit a lot of blood last night, my family were scared, let me do a gastroscopy. But I was afraid to do before gastroscopy, although knowing that your stomach is not good, always think you are so young is not what big problem. Now I have a layer of worry, fear of gastroscopy is not good for the baby. Please help me with an experienced doctor!"

Experts are quick to court, and the safety of the mother

See the mother's message, in large hospital director Professor Shi Ruihua quickly responded: "in general, three pregnant women in the first three months ago and labor month do not recommend gastroscopy, mainly because stimulation of uterus causes abortion or premature contractions caused by. However, we also found that some mothers in the clinic, 3-4 months pregnant when severe vomiting, hematemesis, fear of gastroscopy, or luck, or worry about do gastroscope to endanger the baby's safety, not enough attention, and then check the baby after birth had progressed to advanced gastric cancer, it's too late."

Shi Ruihua said, the most common cause of vomiting with ulcer, tumor of digestive tract, peptic ulcer is mainly gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, the most accurate method for the diagnosis of the gastroscopy and biopsy to determine the lesion causes. If the available ulcers, acid suppressive drugs and protects the mucosal drugs, such as omeprazole and ray Bella with, the diet should pay attention to not eat spicy food; if the tumor is to operate as soon as possible, do not because of the fear of doing gastroscopy or worry about the baby safe and missed the best time of examination and treatment.

"Do gastroscope inspection, required by professional doctor to weigh the pros and cons, when necessary or to do. Expectant mothers can do without anesthesia gastroscope, experienced digestion physician operation, fast and gentle way, can greatly reduce discomfort, but also to maximize the protection of maternal and child safety." Shi Ruihua said.

On the second day of the answer given by Shi Ruihua, the expectant mother came to the hospital for help. Shi Ruihua personally for her gastroscopy. The results of gastroscope examination showed that the gastric mucosa caused by esophageal hiatal hernia was congested and infiltrated. Shi Ruihua told the expectant mother, we must strengthen nutrition, pay attention to rest, to maintain a happy mood and relax. When appropriate, you can absorb oxygen, while taking some drugs for treatment.

Pregnancy do not hard to carry the disease, the mother is healthy baby health

When it comes to medication, the mother has a new worry: before the cold high fever nearly 40 degrees, even dare not eat cold medicine, just over his shoulder. Pregnancy medication will not affect the baby in the stomach?

Shi Ruihua pointed out that, yes but don't take medication during pregnancy care, all the drugs are as great scourges, blindly reject all drugs and check, delay the illness, but endanger their health and fetal development. Can be used to cool the body or choose a relatively safe drug, as soon as possible to remove the heat, restore health, in order to reduce the impact of the disease on the baby to the minimum. First of all, the health of the mother, there is the health of the fetus. Not all drugs are harmful to the health of the fetus, as long as the doctor under the guidance of the correct medication, so that the health of the mother, in order to ensure the health of the fetus." Shi Ruihua said.

A few days later, the mother in the QQ group released the good news, after taking the drug, she stopped.

"We are very willing to answer questions more friends, the disease of digestive tract in scientific knowledge, to provide professional and thoughtful health guidance." Shi Ruihua said.

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