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Colonoscopy examination for colon inflammation and ulcer, cancer, caused by parasite diseases and unexplained diarrhea.Can be found in the r


Colonoscopy examination for colon inflammation and ulcer, cancer, caused by parasite diseases and unexplained diarrhea.

Can be found in the rectal examination can not touch the location of a higher mass.

Colonoscopy can be used for diagnosis, but also can be used as a therapeutic instrument, colonoscopy can not only examine the tumor size, shape, location, activity and can even find the early lesions, early small polyps or cancer resection, the suspicious lesions can take biopsies of directional mirror.

In colorectal cancer screening, it is often regarded as the gold standard to evaluate the effect of various initial screening".

It is of great significance for the prevention and early detection of colon cancer, so it is the most effective method for the diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

In recent years, the incidence of colitis, intestinal polyps, colorectal cancer and intestinal disease rate showed a rising trend, so the promotion after the age of 40 should be done first colonoscopy.

The following types of people should be regularly to the hospital for colonoscopy:

Electronic colonoscopy is widely used,

Where are the following conditions without contraindications were feasible electronic colonoscopy:

(1) of unknown cause hematochezia or persistent fecal occult blood positive.

(2) chronic diarrhea of unknown cause.

(3) barium examination of the terminal ileum and colon lesions need to be clearly diagnosed.

(4) low intestinal obstruction and abdominal mass can not rule out intestinal diseases

(5) colon polyps resection, hemostasis, sigmoid volvulus or reduction of intussusception

(6) after resection of colon cancer, endoscopic follow-up is necessary after polypectomy.

(7) endoscopy assisted exploration and treatment of intestinal diseases.

(8) colorectal cancer screening.

(9) chronic enteritis, need regular colonoscopy,

(10) colorectal cancer patients, in order to understand the type of tumor, the extent of the lesion, for colonoscopy before operation, in order to determine the operation plan. Intestinal surgery after regular review, in order to observe the changes of the disease.



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