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Source: Jinyang - Express |2014-05-29 06:33:27A-A+0 comment sharingHave you ever heard of Crohn's disease, a digestive disorder that is thou


Source: Jinyang - Express |2014-05-29 06:33:27

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Have you ever heard of Crohn's disease, a digestive disorder that is thought to be crippled by digestive surgeons?. If you always like to eat food stored in the refrigerator, often have abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, it is necessary to pay attention to. Because of Krohn's disease, rotten intestines causing intestinal obstruction, some people made several bowel resection surgery is not found was the source of Krohn's disease. However, experts point out that Crohn's disease is a controlled disease, the premise is to be able to get early diagnosis and reasonable treatment.

Love to put food in the refrigerator can cause Crohn's disease

Crohn's disease increased 10 fold over the past 15 years

The Beijing Medical Association Committee Chairman, director of Gastroenterology of digestive diseases Peking Union Medical College Hospital professor Qian Jiaming pointed out that at present, inflammatory bowel disease etiology is not very clear, on the one hand may have a family history, on the other hand may have a certain relationship with food allergy.

"In foreign countries, they feel that there are a number of bacteria in the refrigerator, eating the food in the refrigerator, we have changed the intestinal flora, and therefore may also occur." He pointed out that the food into the refrigerator, although not bad, but the bacteria will breed in the above, after eating can affect the general intestinal flora, leading to intestinal inflammation. Therefore, some people like to store food in the refrigerator and then eat slowly, it is unhealthy. Probiotics can not prevent Crohn's disease. Probiotics may not be able to drink in our intestines, just to mediate, not fundamentally change our environment. Now there is a method of fecal bacteria transplantation, the health of the fecal flora, a one-time implant into the patient's intestines, change the patient's intestinal environment. However, the real effect will be observed for a long time.

It is understood that inflammatory bowel disease is the cause of intestinal inflammation or ulcer disease, usually caused by the abnormalities of the human immune system, including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. The Chinese Medical Association of inflammatory bowel disease study group, inflammatory bowel disease center of the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, chief expert Professor Hu Pinjin in "love in the world" inflammatory bowel disease day pointed out that in China, nearly 10 years of inflammatory bowel disease total about 350 thousand cases, among them, the number of grams of growth even more than 15 of patients with Ron disease times.

The Fourth Military Medical University Xijing Hospital of digestive diseases Professor vice president Wu Kaichun told reporters that most of the patient's condition Crohn's can be controlled, can have a good control of life without great influence. Because the cause of Crohn's disease, rotten guts intestinal obstruction, intestinal perforation and abscess to resection by surgery, intestinal function affected, cause the loss of the body's normal physiological function, is disabled. Many patients with Crohn's disease misdiagnosed as appendicitis, appendectomy." The Chinese Medical Association professor Chen Minhu, vice president of First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, digestive branch director designate members said.

Intestinal obstruction patients with Crohn's disease to nine out of ten colonoscopy can't hide

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"Young people 15-35 years of age is a high-risk population, young and found that intestinal obstruction, nine out of ten is because of Ron's disease." Deputy director of Southern Medical University Nanfang Hospital digestive department professor Zhang Yali told the express reporter said that Crohn's disease make intestines more rotten, scar formation, make intestines become narrow, development to a certain extent when intestinal obstruction occurred. Removal of obstruction is can temporarily alleviate the disease, Crohn's disease but not under control, but also bad intestines, obstruction, intestines cut shorter.

How early detection of Crohn's disease? Zhang Yali said, as long as do colonoscopy can be found. "A lot of people have never had a colonoscopy, too little attention to the intestinal health." He pointed out that the stomach and bowels like flashlight tunnel, can find a lot of small gastrointestinal diseases. He suggested that there is a family history of infected old incurable enteritis, anal fistula and perianal itching, long-term abdominal pain, stool runny mucus or bloody stool, should do colonoscopy screening. In the general population, over the age of 40 should be checked once a year to check the first colonoscopy, no bowel problems after four or five years and again second times; if the first year found the problem, timely treatment, second years to review.



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