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Our gutThere are about one hundred trillion bacteria in the intestines. These intestinal bacteria look like lush grass, so they are called "


Our gut

There are about one hundred trillion bacteria in the intestines. These intestinal bacteria look like lush grass, so they are called "intestinal bacterial flora". Bacteria in one hundred trillion intestinal bacteria, Bifidobacterium is the best, not only can make people health and longevity, but also beneficial to fitness and beauty. Intestinal bacteria are good or bad, such as a variety of bacteria in the intestinal peristalsis, if the Bifidobacterium this is very beneficial to the human body, the bacteria can help us to "wash" the intestines.

Perhaps you can not imagine how much of the total number of one hundred trillion, figuratively speaking, the population of the earth is about 4 billion 500 million people, one hundred trillion is more than 4 billion 500 million times more than 20 thousand. If a person's intestinal bacteria in a row, its length can be orbiting the earth for more than 2 weeks.

There is such a large number of bacteria in their stomach peristalsis, just think of it, it is creepy. These bacteria enter the body with food and air. Of course, in some of these bacteria, some of them die of stomach or bile. Bacteria that can reach the gut through a number of hurdles will inhabit and multiply.

If the power stretch of bifidobacteria, the environment will be improved enteral; conversely, if Wells bacteria and bad bacteria stronger, the intestinal environment will deteriorate. The representative of good and bad bacteria, just mentioned Bifidobacterium and Wells bacteria. Bifidobacterium, in particular, can be said to be "the first in the intestinal" good bacteria. In addition, lactic acid bacteria are also a kind of good bacteria, but in general, the intestine is not so much.

The effect of bad bacteria is just the opposite of good bacteria, the protein or amino acids in the intestines of corruption, the formation of harmful substances. This is the reason for the increase in blood pressure and the promotion of aging. In short, in order to maintain the health of the body, as much as possible to remove the bad bacteria from the intestine. Also, it's best to increase the number of good bacteria.

The modern society has caused us to lose our gut

Eat too much food is not easy to digest, or gastrointestinal indigestion, food will produce abnormal fermentation or decay. This substance can, of course, stimulate the mucous membrane, and when it comes to toxic substances, or the release of toxins from bacteria in the intestine, it can cause the same situation.

It is now known as satiety, delicacy of the times, everyone can freely enjoy the delicacy. Of course there will be the basic desire to eat the delicious food. However, extravagance, overeating, is also a feature of modern people.

However, this kind of life will lead to excessive burden of the intestine. In this case, the most likely cause is acute diarrhea. Because the rapid elimination of harmful substances to the body, but also a physiological phenomenon of self-protection.

We are not saying that sugar and protein are harmful to the human body, these are certainly not the lack of human nutrition, but in the pursuit of delicacy, only intake of these nutrients will make the intestinal environment out of balance, causing the stool is not smooth.

Modern society is a pressure society, mental stress can even be said to be a modern disease. With the development of our society, our life is becoming more and more convenient, but on the other hand, our spirit is in a state of tension.

It is said that 80% of the disease, the cause is the mental pressure. In our daily life, we should be able to avoid the negative effects of stress. If the pressure can be converted into energy, must be able to spend a brilliant life.

The U.S. space agency has also studied the changes in the intestinal flora of the astronauts. As long as the astronauts are a little upset or angry, the intestinal flora is clearly out of balance.

Most people do not have such a drastic change, but the pressure does bring bad effects on the intestinal flora. The aging of the intestinal bacterial flora, of course, is related to the aging of the whole body. Therefore, we should try to avoid pressure.


In the diet, eat 300 ml of cold yogurt breakfast. Because the morning empty stomach, eating cold yogurt, can be a strong stimulus to the colon (called gastrocolic reflex), in order to promote peristalsis stool.

It is also a good method not only to directly ingest Bifidobacterium, but also indirectly to eat soy oligosaccharides which have the function of increasing bifidobacterium. Bifidobacterium has the function of purifying intestinal tract, and it is helpful to the breeding of bifidobacterium.

Anyone can do the light Gang abdominal massage to remove constipation.

Massage methods are as follows:

The flat, to the navel as the center, with his hands clasped abdomen from both sides.

The same posture, exert power knead abdomen fingers repeatedly for three to five minutes.

The feet slightly open to stand up, his fingers around the navel and below, in a circular diameter of about ten cm range, round type massage. Then, the left and right lower abdomen kneading.

Finally, with the palm of the hand, the circumference of twenty cm diameter range, gently massage the lower abdomen, about one or two minutes.

Shit is a letter from the gut

Fecal odor is the best evidence of deterioration of the intestinal environment. The baby's stool is yellow. While most people into adulthood, the stool becomes black or brown, the stool is black or brown, the biggest reason is that meat, high-fat foods, that is, the European style diet led to. If the stool is more black than usual, or purple, you must pay special attention, which is not only the pH value is acidic, there may be stomach or intestinal bleeding. This is a mixture of blood in the stool, before excretion, the color changed from red to black, you must immediately see a doctor.

The main component of fecal odor, indole, skatole is (indole), hydrogen sulfide, amine, acetic acid, butyric acid etc.. Which will produce similar manure odor is indole, skatole.

This is the protein formed by the decomposition of intestinal bacteria. In other words, if you tend to eat in Europe and the United States, and a large number of high protein intake, stool will become very smelly.

The human intestinal ecology of the world should reach the level of 4A international intestinal health standards, namely: exhaust (fart) no smell, no smell of shit, stool was banana shaped, yellow stool.

Bait of Bifidobacterium -- soybean oligosaccharide

Soybean oligosaccharide is a kind of soluble sugar contained in soybean. It is the main component of stachyose and raffinose. Stachyose and raffinose is difficult to digest soybean oligosaccharides, Bifidobacterium food is coliform not to be harmful to our body and use of Clostridium perfringens.

The experiment began in 1955. The first is Professor Kuhn Georgi, professor at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Heidelberg in Germany, found from the milk in the beta - ethyl - N - acetyl - D - glucosamine as the name code, very long material.

Ordinary people are busy with their work, but they can still improve their diet. Do not drink too much, excessive intake of calories at the same time, full sleep and do not put pressure. If you drink alcohol to relieve stress, it can actually lead to fatigue and stress, which can contribute to the development of adult diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

From the intestines began to start, make yourself easily become beauty. Because the skin aging is the intestines is aging evidence. Actually, don't worry. Soybean oligosaccharide has a stable nature to the heat, no matter how much fire, its properties will not change. It can be said, "to cook, to roast, whatever you mean".

The secret of longevity: Good bacteria and simple diet

The intestinal environment is a young hakama original village of the village life, but also can be said to be the result of. Because the body is young, so the intestinal environment can remain young; the environment is young, people can live long.

Why is the original village elderly hakama can maintain the intestinal environment full of youthful spirit? I am afraid this is a lot of factors came together and formed. However, one of the reasons must be related to the local diet.

No original paddy field hakama Village area, the crops to wheat or soybeans and other miscellaneous grains, potato or sweet potato rhizome and vegetables. These are self-sufficient in grain, the intestines, is full of good food.

This simple diet and the increase in intestinal bacteria, is a big boost to their life expectancy.

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