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The normal newborn should be 24 to 48 hours, the black will be discharged, after 48 hours should be yellow stool. There are seven or eight t


The normal newborn should be 24 to 48 hours, the black will be discharged, after 48 hours should be yellow stool. There are seven or eight times a day in the newborn, which is normal. General kindergarten children one or two times a day stool is normal, one day no shit on the wrong.

1, a typical disease of pediatric surgery - congenital megacolon.

Treatment: common type of megacolon, most of the need for surgery. No function of the giant colon, even under the following denervation of the intestinal segment resection. Super short segment of the colon can be strong expansion anus and other conservative treatment. In the past 20 years, through the laparoscopic minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques: three eyes on the belly into the abdominal cavity to intestinal around separation together, then pull down from the anus bowel, the cut intestine cut back outside a match. Anal sphincter function is much better, less fecal incontinence.

Congenital megacolon can sometimes show diarrhea, because of that there exist a large number of megacolon feces, resulting in a large number of bacteria, stimulate the intestinal secretion of fluid, so the formation of the diarrhea, this is very dangerous, is the loss of life. Called megacolon crisis.

2, constipation is a large bowel habits.

Often the child is to defecate, have meaning but he doesn't go, but also greedy playing for a while, so the meaning is gone, and the meaning of a few hours, after a period of time and, after a long time, to feel the sensitivity of the intestines stool is low. Because the meaning is mainly a sensory nerve by the lower rectum, if it is always low, intestines in E. filled with feces, the dung is absorbed moisture, resulting in more and more dry stool. More dry not dry, because the dry stool pulled down the anal pain, even pain after a few drops of blood, anal fissure, so they can't pull, more so than the problem.

Three stage defecation. If you don't pull today, do it yourself.

The second section: if he does not pull out, with the first branch of Enema Glycerini, he pulled out a part.

Third paragraph: give him another. Through these three steps, called him to keep the stool in the colon clean, so dry for three consecutive months, so that the child to correct the habit of forming a night at the toilet on their own at 8.

3, many children are not eating a cause, so they should eat more vegetables, mainly vegetables, cellulose containing more vegetables, spinach, celery. You can let him eat sweet potatoes, you can also eat leeks, chives called intestinal grass to wear it, but also laxative. Recommended to eat a la carte, let the children eat more fiber, stimulate defecation, which is able to solve the habitual constipation.

4, constipation caused by intestinal adhesion. Because of past abdominal surgery, surgery after the formation of the intestinal adhesion, the bowel movement disorder, so the formation of intractable constipation.

5, the identification of constipation. Hypothyroidism can cause constipation in children, the general intelligence of this child is relatively low, please endocrine doctor to treat him, to eat thyroid hormones.

Lindsay: Gu Jiqing, director of pediatric surgery, Tianjin Children's Hospital. 1963 - 1970, Medical University Of Tianjin undergraduate in science; 1979 - 1982, Capital Medical University Graduate School in 1970; now, in Tianjin Children's Hospital, former president of Tianjin Children's Hospital. Enjoy the State Council special experts.

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