Biofeedback therapy: the gospel of constipation and fecal incontinence

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Biofeedback therapy for patients with constipation and diarrheaWang Diedie constipation for many years, every time the stool was very diffic


Biofeedback therapy for patients with constipation and diarrhea

Wang Diedie constipation for many years, every time the stool was very difficult, although tried a lot of methods of treatment, the effect is not ideal, but the final long-term laxatives to relieve symptoms. The doctor gave Wang Diedie a warm reception, asked in detail about the disease and the anorectal manometry, analyze the cause of constipation is due to Wang Diedie defecation, anal sphincter contraction uncoordinate suggested by biofeedback treatment method, and hope to build his confidence in the treatment process, and actively cooperate with the doctor, adhere to treatment. Wang Diedie was taken to a quiet in the therapeutic room, he quietly lying in bed, doctor patiently explained to him the treatment process: he could see the image on the computer screen through the reflection mirror in front of the. When the doctor inserted a catheter with a balloon into his anus, there were a lot of curves on the screen. The doctor explained to him that this was the pressure curve of the rectum and anal sphincter in which he controlled defecation. The pressure curve with the king daddy, defecating, relax the anus tightening and other movement and change. The doctor according to the changes on the screen of the curve, pointing out the action process of defecation Wang daddy is right, which is not correct; guide him in the right way to correct the error of the systolic and diastolic muscle action. Then the doctor of the air bag gas injection to the king Daddy have defecate feeling, guide him according to the shrinkage curves on the display and relaxation of the anal sphincter, the purpose is to let Wang Diedie can effectively relax the anal sphincter in defecation. And encourage him to do it in the right way, do it again and again, and ask him to take the time to do the right thing without looking at the curve. Biofeedback therapy.

So, what exactly is biofeedback therapy? What is the use? In the end what disease can be treated? Under normal circumstances, the human body can not be aware of a variety of physiological activities, such as the digestion of food, smooth muscle contraction, and biofeedback treatment allows patients to observe their own physiological activity information. In short, biofeedback therapy is a kind of biological behavior therapy is the use of special equipment, to collect their physiological activity information is processed and amplified, visual or auditory signals by people familiar with the show, let the brain and these organs establish feedback; make the patient "self understanding", and in the understanding of self conditions. Through the feedback of the countless times, and constantly try to learn to control the physiological activities, physical activities of deviation from the normal range to be corrected, allowing the patient to reach "alter ego" purpose.

Constipation due to the complex etiology, symptoms stubborn, so the treatment of constipation has been a problem. The traditional method is to increase the intake of cellulose and water body, but this is limited; long-term use of contact laxatives can lead to intestinal plexus neuropathy; and surgical treatment of constipation is painful and dangerous, and there is a high recurrence rate. The emergence of biofeedback therapy has undoubtedly opened up a new way to treat constipation, enriching the treatment of constipation. In the above example, the catheter was inserted into the body of the king daddy, will record the perianal muscle pressure, and displayed on the computer screen by computer. Wang Diedie through the screen to observe their anal contraction, diastolic anal sphincter pressure changes, and through the doctor's guidance to know when to shrink the anus right, and deepen the impression in the brain. Through repeated training, learn to control the activities of the anal sphincter, improve muscle strength and coordination, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment. In addition to the treatment of constipation, biofeedback therapy also has a good effect on functional fecal incontinence and functional anorectal pain. For the patients with abnormal biological feedback method is very safe and effective, but patients should pay attention to, the method needs to adhere to the 3-6 effect can be maintained for each month.

Since the invention of biofeedback therapy in the last century in 70s, it has been widely used in foreign countries for its unique treatment and reliable curative effect. This aspect of the domestic technology started late, but has recently been a lot of clinical application, but because it is a relatively noninvasive and well tolerated, low treatment cost, outpatient treatment etc, has been increasingly recognized and accepted by the majority of Gastroenterology factors. I believe that in the near future, biofeedback therapy will be more and more patients to relieve pain, bring the gospel.

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