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Recently there have been constipation patients to seek treatment, some patients have been seriously affected the daily life and work, qualit


Recently there have been constipation patients to seek treatment, some patients have been seriously affected the daily life and work, quality of life was significantly decreased; few patients have serious adverse consequences (such as rectal ulcer, anal fistula, anal fissure etc.); more someone some terrible thought. Therefore, from the perspective of professional and personal experience of diagnosis and treatment, talk about the self conditioning and drug treatment of constipation.

Constipation is very common, but it does affect the quality of life of individuals, and even worry constantly. For constipation patients, my personal experience is:

First of all, to find out the cause of constipation, so-called secondary constipation, such as constipation, must be removed, in order to restore normal bowel; the common causes include medication (especially antipsychotic drugs, antispasmodic etc), peritoneal lesions (intestinal adhesion, abdominal mass, ascites, intestinal) lesions (inflammation, tumor and anal fissure); while the total colonoscopy is one of the most important check of each patients with constipation should do.

Secondly, some may even say that most patients, constipation can not find a clear cause. For this part of the patients need to take self conditioning, combined with the comprehensive measures of drug treatment, as follows:

A, attitude adjustment, correct understanding of the importance of defecation, get rid of bad habits such as cleanliness.

Two, in daily life to do drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and rich in crude fiber food, more exercise (including walking, etc.).

Three, to develop good bowel habits, should choose a relatively fixed defecation time according to the actual situation, every time after washing the anus or defecation; with a damp cloth, wet towel.

Avoid by all means:

1, read books or magazines, time consuming;

2, don't be forced, forced defecation, harmful to the body;

These two habits are not desirable, the correct approach is: during defecation should relax the mood, do not fear, thinking of defecation, adhere to the general 3-5 minutes, there is no better on the end of defecation, defecation, but every day.

Four, usually should be conscious to do a shrink anal action, that is, alternating contraction and relaxation of anal action, so you can exercise pelvic floor muscles and anal sphincter, help in normal defecation.

Five, drug treatment: should be applied in a short period of time, only adjuvant therapy, to develop good bowel habits should be promptly discontinued. The type of drugs available: leavening agent (bulk laxative), osmotic laxatives, lubricant / stool softener, stimulant, prokinetic drugs, traditional Chinese medicine, probiotics, and anal enema preparations. More commonly used drugs are: medicinal Magnesium Oxide powder, polyethylene glycol 4000, lactulose, proprietary Chinese medicine, etc., need to take medicine, please find a specialist doctor.

The above is only personal opinion, for reference only; may the constipation psychosomatic unobstructed, the early return of the good life.

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