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Experience in treating functional dyspepsia from QiDepartment of Gastroenterology, Yunnan Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicin


Experience in treating functional dyspepsia from Qi

Department of Gastroenterology, Yunnan Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (650021) Yu Zeyun


Functional dyspepsia caused by epigastric distension, constipation and / or stool after the first hard stools / diarrhea is a common disease in TCM clinical. In the clinic of traditional Chinese medicine, these patients often appear in the heart of fullness in the stomach plug, fullness discomfort symptoms, according to the soft touch, the invisible pressure, painless, hopeless swell, eat the bulge, belching is Shu, and often accompanied by pain, chest stuffiness, poor appetite, stool is not adjustable wait for disease. Is a chronic disease, weight, recurrent, lingering. Chronic gastritis, modern medical diagnosis of functional dyspepsia and other diseases may appear fullness in stomach discomfort.

This article from the understanding of qi stagnation, qi stagnation, Qi deficiency, Qi four aspects from the gas treatment, in order to improve the efficacy of clinical colleagues on the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.


Weipi syndrome Qi syndrome differentiation and treatment of functional dyspepsia


Weipi syndrome in clinical common fullness in stomach discomfort, and even the chest distension pain, anorexia, defecate. The visceral lesions in the spleen and stomach, the key pathogenesis is the blockage of Qi, lifting such as dereliction of duty, "Q - pathogenesis gas should be life insurance" in the cloud: "the spleen is not for gas in the lung and stomach, but not scattered for new node". The present study for the pathogenesis of syndrome differentiation type has a different discussion, based on years of clinical experience, to regulate the Qi for the treatment from four aspects from the gas, qi stagnation, qi stagnation, Qi deficiency, Qi inverse are discussed, in order to facilitate the clinical treatment.

1 qi stagnation

The air running sluggish and stagnation, phlegm, dampness, indigestion due to blood stasis, such as tangible evil or evil in the obstruction of Qi and. The spleen and stomach in the middle energizer, responsible for transport, and the spleen and stomach, spleen Shengqing Jiangzhuo, stomach, spleen stomach to rise, to drop and drop of turbidity, Qing Sheng Qi regulating, the normal function of the digestive system. If the stomach is damaged, evils headed fallen into, in the heart of stomach, or overeating, eat cold food, Zi Valley not block, or stomach, spleen and stomach loss, water wet, produce phlegm, gas exchange resistance, can block air focus, lifting lost company, and a feeling of fullness. Such as "Treatise on the" cloud: "not the stomach, epigastric fullness hard", "valley of the belly, thunder, epigastric fullness hard and full", "floating and tight pulse...... For the ruffian, according to self or gas, but the ear fullness". And as the "full" room cache, bloating said: "spleen wet than belly full food", that no matter what, as long as the stomach plastic lag, can occur in this disease. Ye Tianshi further explained: "the gas does not stretch, drag off", or "Bi gas closed long gas" ("clinical practice case"). "Ming" digital medicine is to sum up in a word, the cloud: "ruffian, also not, not. Yin Fu Yang storage, not far from the blood". Abdominal fullness syndrome auxiliary, choking uncomfortable, according to the particular, not eating, abnormal stools, Huang Houni moss, slippery pulse points.

The clinical commonly used Chaiping Decoction (drugs: bupleurum, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Rhizoma Atractylodis, citrus aurantium, magnolia bark, tangerine peel, Rhizoma Cyperi, radix puerariae, licorice powder etc.) and treatment work repeatedly.

2 Qi counterflow

The inverse gas gas machine or lower and less on the pathological state of inverse, from the emotional injuries caused by. One of the main factors leading to this disease is that it is closely related to the liver. The liver is just dirty, or the main active gas, Yikang easily reversible, the fury of liver injury, liver Qi Hengni spleen, the damage of Qi, lost our fullness and lifting. Such as "class treatment CD" cloud: "fury damage, inverse gas and Pi", such as "Jing Yue," have the fullness of the book: "anger violence injury, liver Qi is not flat and fullness". Qing "Zhang Yuqing case" that Weipi because by the "anger" caused by. In addition, the function of the spleen and the function of the lifting of the stomach depends on the Qi and the Yin fluid. If the fever loss of spleen and stomach yin fluid, or debility, spleen deficiency, long illness or heat stagnation, gas consumption disability allowance, or it is dirty Yin and Yin fluid deficiency in spleen and stomach, lost in the Rurun, the transport of the spleen dysfunction, loss of soft soil, and reducing gas, obstruction, and inverse in the uplink, abdominal fullness was born, "Pu Fuzhou medical experience" pointed out: "the spleen yin deficiency...... Full of trouble". Clinical and visible abdominal fullness, pain and headache, red eyes, hiccup, noisy, dry mouth, anorexia, red tongue Shaojin, wiry or fine.

The clinical commonly used Yiwei Decoction in the treatment (drugs: Radix Glehniae, radix rehmanniae, Radix Ophiopogonis, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Scutellariae, fried Fructus toosendan, Dendrobium, angelica, red ochre, Perrin, coix seed, licorice).

3 qi stagnation

Before the Ming Dynasty and qi stagnation for one, known as the "depression", such as "golden hook," six Yu Xuan said: "Yu, but also more shall be issued. When the lift can not rise, when the fall can not fall, when the change is not change.". After the Ming Dynasty, "Yu" is refers to the emotional depression and discomfort, such as "a guide to clinical practice," Yu said: "Yu Ze and qi stagnation, the lag in shape or form, or in the organs, there will be no comfort....... I do not know emotionaldepression, because the country does not extend the reason, gas lift and dysfunction." Especially in the liver, caused by this disease. The function of the liver, hi up to the evil of depression, a poor emotional, qi stagnation, Hengni make stomach, liver spleen disharmony, then oil and gas accumulation in the fall, and produce fullness. The symptoms of chest fullness and distention, belching, vomiting, irritability, or sigh, moss white Maixian.

The certificate of ChaiHuShuGan powder commonly used Xiaoyaosan (drugs: Radix Bupleuri, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Rhizoma Cyperi, tangerine peel, Fructus aurantii, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Poria, Radix Scutellariae, angelica, mint, fried powder puerarin, licorice 10g), has a good curative effect..

4 Qi deficiency

The spleen and stomach are the official of the granary, usually overfatigue, or after the gas shortage, can damage the spleen and stomach qi, spleen and stomach, loss of transportation of our spleen, Qing Yang does not rise, stomach turbid Yin did not fall, unable to lift, drag on blocking and fullness of the stomach. "Candle" miscellaneous origin of rhino said: "fullness, spleen, the spleen deficiency and Qi can not run, epigastric fullness plug filled, the gas shortage, can not be shipped up.......".

The card type fullness expansion plugs, when rapid relief, thermophilic Hi, lassitude, thin stool, pale tongue with white fur, thready pulse points. Treatment should be spleen and stomach pain, temperature, choose the curative effect of Six Gentlemen Decoction (drugs: Codonopsis pilosula, white atractylodes rhizome, Poria, pinellia, dried tangerine peel, Radix Aucklandiae, amomum fruit, licorice).

In conclusion, Weipi syndrome is a common clinical disease, although from the four aspects of qi stagnation, qi stagnation, Qi deficiency, to inverse gas treatment, but the treatment process visible among the four mutual influence, mutual causality, and phase noise, its fundamental attribute is in disorder of Qi, spleen and stomach qi stagnation. The spleen and stomach is the body of the coke, Shu, once in it will make qi stagnation, and defeat on loss, cardinal Piman disease fascicular disorders, see. Therefore, in the treatment of Xuan Qi, Jiangni Jieyu, Buzhong Yiqi, and distinguish the cold and heat, taking into account the actual situation, who was stuffed with, do not treat ruffian and self in fullness. The spleen and stomach qi function conditioning, Qing Yang Sheng, transport as usual, descend the turbid Yin, namely notani rot, spleen, middle Jiao Qi unobstructed, Weipi zikang.



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