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Nanjing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Cheng Binbin: should continue. At the same time, we should also consider autoimmune antibod


Nanjing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Cheng Binbin: should continue. At the same time, we should also consider autoimmune antibody, cellular immunity and humoral immunity index, liver cirrhosis index and so on.

Patients: thirteen years ago found that hepatitis B hbeag. In November 09 found elevated aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase 12 Valley rose to 201, asymptomatic previously used interferon, without obvious effect, the reduction of enzyme infusion therapy, reduced to 87 the doctor suggested to use lamivudine, I do not want to use. Can you use traditional Chinese medicine? Results: the liver function tests and examinations: high total of 34 serum total bilirubin 18 ALT ast 82.2 87 high serum albumin globulin ratio of 1.7 52.1 30.1 protein: 1 of five hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) positive 2 surface antibody (anti -HBs) 3 negative e antigen (HBeAg) positive antibody (anti E 4 -HBe) 5 negative core antibody (anti -HBc) quantitative detection of positive DNA virus replication: 5 1.45 x 10 medical hospital for the last time:

Nanjing City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Cheng Binbin: Chinese medicine conditioning, improve physical fitness, low cost, but the effect of anti-virus is weak.

Patient: how long does traditional Chinese medicine need to treat commonly, can restrain transaminase to do not rise? I mainly want to cure is not a big world, but can make normal liver function on the line.

Department of Gastroenterology, Nanjing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Cheng Binbin:

Can not guarantee that each patient has a positive effect, it can not determine the exact treatment of a patient, can only be observed while the edge treatment. Usually the traditional Chinese medicine combined with western medicine treatment can quickly reduce transaminase.

Interferon or thymosin only antiviral immune modulators, must use lamivudine preparations. Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted through the wound to close contacts, but also because of pregnancy to the child, so close contact should be vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine, pregnant women should be treated with immunoglobulin.

Please go to regular infectious diseases hospital, Chinese medicine hospital standardized treatment.

Patient: Thank you!

Nanjing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Cheng Binbin: I wish you a speedy recovery!

Patients: female, 28 years old, married, have a daughter, no family history of infection, for unknown reasons, height 165cm, weight 53 kg, 12 year old township hospital diagnosed hepatitis B, the 2000 survey of hepatitis B positive, 8 DNA10; 2006 were beginning to rise, ordinary interferon treatment for nearly half a year, invalid withdrawal. In January 29, 2010 205 check alanine, aspartate 79, county people's Hospital, intravenous drip (reduced glutathione, diammonium glycyrrhizinate, Potassium Aspartate magnesium, Kang'ai, thymosin) for two weeks, check 97 alanine, aspartate 60 2010.6.24 395 alanine, aspartate 179, intravenous infusion of community hospital (compound Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate, aspartate Vc, Vb6, Qingkailing,) for two weeks, check 130 alanine, aspartate 43.9. 2010.8.2 liver function: alanine aspartate 317, 203, 36 (reference 20-30 globulin), albumin / globulin ratio of 1.11 (1.2-2.5) 2010.8.4 in Henan Province Medical College Affiliated Richard B five: big world, DNA:4.51E+05. Blood: 5.53 white blood cells, red blood cells 4.56, 139 hemoglobin, platelet 163, neutrophil lymphocyte 2.78, 43.5% (reference 20-40%); color Doppler ultrasound examination showed diffuse parenchymal liver, gallbladder wall Rough. Doctors recommend long acting interferon, and develop treatment options. The treatment of 2010.8.5 County People's Hospital, subcutaneous injection of Pegasys: 180, check once a week, blood routine, August 23rd 4.8 check white blood cells, platelets 78, August 27th to 135 micrograms of Pegasys; II: intravenous infusion of reduced glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium Potassium Aspartate, diammonium glycyrrhizinate, August 17th check liver function Valley C 54 (0-40), aspartate 32 (8-50), 41 (20-30), globulin, albumin / globulin ratio of 0.83 (1.2-2.5), August 26th withdrawal. The oral medicine: Inosine Tablets, gantaile, eleven kinds of ginseng in August 30th the county people's Hospital Qi pill check liver function 69 high alanine (0-40), aspartate 50 (8-50), immunoglobulin (20-30) 33, September 1st Henan Province College of traditional Chinese medicine DNA4.79E+02, white blood cells 4.5, 76 platelet, platelet volume 0.10. Local treatment methods: Pegasys oral 135, eleven Shenqi tablets, antaisu, Inosine Tablets, gantaile. In September 12th 126 the liver function alanine, aspartate 69, September 13th (intravenous infusion of reduced glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium Glycyrrhizinate, Potassium Aspartate, October 6th 67) check alanine, aspartate 50, October 7th to stop oral drip. In October 27th, the provincial hospital to check DNA negative, 3.25 low white blood cell, platelet neutrophil 75 low, 1.59 low, 0 of eosinophils is low, the percentage of neutrophil lymphocyte percentage 48.9% low, 44.9% high, 179 alanine, aspartate 82, doctors recommend eating Chinese herbal medicine and gantaile capsule, five. Back to the county hospital for treatment to Pegasys, intravenous infusion of diammonium glycyrrhizinate after a week for glycyrrhizin, oral Diyushengbai tablets, antaisu. (five capsule not in hospital medicine, Chinese herbal medicine doctors do not recommend eating my questions: 1) why DNA negative transaminase but do not fall down, matter? (a high transaminase I have a headache, eye swelling, pale, weak) 2 I now treatment properly, Chinese herbal medicine need to eat, need not to need to transport liquid (I see your patient like a antiviral treatment does not need too much emphasis on reducing enzyme) 3 provincial hospital doctor told I need preparation of glycyrrhizic acid slowly reduced to stop, is it? I was in the provincial hospital inspection and guidance, in the county hospital for treatment, because it can be reimbursed some, but also convenient

Department of Gastroenterology, Nanjing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Cheng Binbin:

Hepatitis B virus DNA load is indeed less than 5.0E+2 also need to regularly review, usually every 3~4 months and liver function at the same time review. Chinese medicine can not be abused, should follow the principle of syndrome differentiation, the overall regulation, to prevent drug-induced liver injury.

White ball 0.83, inverted! Globulin 41 increased, albumin should be only 34, slightly lower. Pre albumin, hyaluronic acid, serum type III procollagen peptide and other indicators have been checked? How about eating? Autoimmune antibodies have been checked? Should be excluded from the immune liver disease or cirrhosis, inadequate intake of nutrients.

Please consult the Department of infectious diseases and liver diseases.

Patient: Thank you can spare the time to reply in the busy, I now check the globulin and albumin in normal value, only alanine aspartate / high, not more than 200, DNA is also negative, with Pegasys, I still need infusion hepatoprotectiv. Please advise

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