The first season of the roses: love to the end

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The roses of love to the endThe new love opened aid activities, this is a good move, a charity fund background and the operation please read


The roses of love to the end

The new love opened aid activities, this is a good move, a charity fund background and the operation please read the text behind (quoted in According to the current published rules, each doctor can set up a specific personal love fund, and have their own right to decide the scope of use.

Time flies, the opening of telephone counseling has been two years, as of today, I have received 77 telephone consultation, the most professional breast surgery. The fish and water, can not give up. On this day of remembrance, offer love and give yourself a gift, "the covenant of roses, to carry it out to the end.". From the beginning of the year June 21, 2012, the full cost of all telephone consulting fees went to the love fund......

1 Rose fund how to use? How to manage? How to apply?

This is a complicated problem, the initial idea is this: to unify the management model and decide, commissioned by the good doctor website unified management, website to promise all the application needs to set up personal fund doctor personally review, and decided to use the amount of. Since it is a welfare fund, then use by patrons should be open (of course need to be sponsors to determine whether to agree with its accurate personal information, in order to respect and protect the privacy of others), public information that will be on every grant after the success can be released, and the health condition of sponsors do tracking, otherwise lost goodwill.

2 rose fund will be used on the blade?

Most of his learning, the ordinary world "Sun Shaoan mentality, the limited resources to the most needed areas. How to use and to what extent, there is no case website can follow, is expected to soon, let us wait and see. At present, our country still has tens of millions of fellow sisters are living below the poverty line, let them do the annual physical examination is almost a legend, their son was ill, lack of timely treatment and appropriate estimation. Therefore, I conceive all the telephone consultation fees are used for the children's disease, defined as benign disease (primary malignant may take up too much of the medical resources, such as targeted therapy of breast cancer need expensive, nearly three hundred thousand of the funding for this is not possible. It's better to have a little bit of strength on the edge of the blade.

On Application of the support region: West, northwest, the western border of the motherland, to the northwest of beitun. Application conditions of course, poor economic conditions of children, each application is also difficult to achieve full funding, therefore, the amount of each application also needs to be determined, but also to be a good communication with the doctor website settings. The initial idea is: financing needs operation cases, funding is only limited to the cost of the operation, because the Caomin ability is limited, please understand.

3 rose fund sources?

Source: my telephone consultation fee, the full amount transferred. As a result, every telephone consultation with your friends, your telephone consultation is not only for your own health advice, but also the dedication of love. Because, you pay a certain fee. At present, the standard fee is 15 yuan telephone consultation fee of $150, of which the site's management and support costs of $60, $90 (pre tax amount) will be transferred to the full fund to be set up. All of these sites are RMB I will leave all to the charity fund, every telephone consultation have date and consult the specific links, each answer a phone, I will update this post on the same day, additional consulting Posts links that permit. The fish and water, love to give, therefore, from June 21, 2012 onwards, it is full to donate from Seventy-eighth, telephone, please understand.

4 love fund can apply?

I'm sorry, still can not determine the specific time, wish to accumulate 5000 yuan after the opening, the face of the high cost of treatment of the reality, too small may be useless to the power of love, at least not yet, and continuously update the amount reached 5000 yuan can be enabled. It should be noted that the amount of the application can not exceed the total number of fund pool, when the remaining amount is not enough to support the operating costs, the application will not be accepted, please understand.

The love fund, fully supported by my telephone consultation fee, currently does not accept any form of sponsorship, just want to carry out the love in the end, the zero cost of receiving network and telephone consultation, please understand!

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