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Minimally invasive tumor targeted therapy technology - argon helium - cold knife, is the only thing in the world with 150 degrees below zero


Minimally invasive tumor targeted therapy technology - argon helium - cold knife, is the only thing in the world with 150 degrees below zero, cryopreservation intervention, 200 degree temperature reversal and enhancing immune efficacy of multiple high-tech medical system. Better than pure high fever or simple cryotherapy. Kill cancer cells more effectively. This technology is a pure physical therapy, is to completely destroy the tumor treatment, treatment does not cause cancer cells to spread, minimally invasive treatment process without pain, quick recovery, no damage to normal tissues; unlike chemotherapy, cryocare knife treatment has no toxic side effect, but also can effectively regulate the secretion of cytokines and antibodies. After the treatment of patients, the body's immune function significantly improved compared with before treatment, the survival rate increased significantly, it also has the advantages of low treatment cost, short hospitalization time. World advanced level of cancer therapy.

This technology is applicable to almost all the clinical entity in the treatment of malignant tumors; benign, malignant tumors such as liver cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor, abdominal and pelvic tumors, renal and adrenal tumors of head and neck, and skin cancer, metastatic gastrointestinal tumor. Benign tumors such as prostate hyperplasia, breast hyperplasia, hemangioma, uterine fibroids, cysts, warts, hemorrhoids, precancerous lesions, etc.. At the same time, the role of rapid pain relief and pain relief for cancer pain.

Treatment of cryocare knife is suitable for early, middle and late stages of solid tumors, especially those unresectable advanced age patients, or because of physical weakness and other various reasons do not want surgery of tumor patients is preferred; unwilling to bear the chemotherapy side effects or chemotherapy and interventional therapy effect is not good cancer patients preferred; at the same time the use of the technology can relieve the pain of patients and improve the effect of comprehensive treatment.

At the time of surgery with most local anesthesia, puncture in general ultrasound, CT, MRI guided treatment, the whole process of real-time monitoring of the puncture. The operation pattern of percutaneous puncture, surgery under direct endoscopic puncture, puncture. In the argon helium knife into the tumor in vivo accurate puncture under the guidance of CT or ultrasound positioning, and then start by argon argon, on the tip of the rapid expansion of production of refrigeration, frozen lesions in 15 seconds to minus 120 DEG ~170 deg. For 15~20 minutes, and then start off argon, helium, helium and by rapid expansion in the tip, the rapid heating in the lesions of ultra low temperature state, the tissue temperatures from minus 140 degrees up to zero at 20 DEG ~40 DEG to implement rapid hyperthermia. After 3~5 minutes, repeat the above treatment. This kind of hot and cold reversal therapy, especially for the destruction of lesions. Its cooling and heating speed, time and temperature, the size and shape of the destroyed area, can be monitored by B ultrasound or CT and other real-time monitoring, and set up and control by the computer. More importantly, due to the cooling or heating of the argon helium knife is confined to the cutting edge, the knife rod does not produce cold and hot damage to the tissue on the puncture path. Argon helium knife is the only instrument for minimally invasive percutaneous thermal therapy.

Argon helium cryoablation can be used as an alternative to surgery for early small tumors. It can be used as a palliative treatment for advanced tumors, and it can reduce the burden of tumor, relieve symptoms, improve the quality of life and prolong the survival time.

Professor of international general hospital authority Aerkeni tumor admitted: ultra low temperature therapy so effective, in a few years will start to become the first choice for the treatment of cancer. Professor di Nicks hospital Kay said: "this therapy that has on the human body unlike other traumatic therapy, patients with shorter hospitalization time, and exact to kill cancer cells, is an ideal choice for cancer patients."

Since 1999 Chinese State Pharmaceutical Administration approved the cryocare knife into the Chinese, China famous academician Wu Mengchao, et al. Academician, academician Hao Xishan, Professor Guo Zhi and other experts have been using this technology for the treatment of more than 20 thousand patients with advanced liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain cancer, prostate cancer, kidney tumor, has achieved remarkable results.

In 2000, given the good effect of argon helium - cold knife for the treatment of tumors and superior safety, the United States will solid tumor cryocare knife into the national health care plan, medical insurance for the insurance company in Europe with cryocare knife. Now there are more than and 450 hospitals in the United States equipped with the United States argon helium super cold knife; China has also been the United States in the United States and the United States and the United States super cold knife, more than and 100, Beijing, Tianjin and other cities have access to health insurance.

Since July 2002, the United States has been the 35 Medical Association of argon helium cryoablation knife for the treatment of prostate cancer (prostate cancer incidence in the United States ranked first) preferred method. In 2003, the World Congress of cancer targeting advanced argon and helium cryoablation for advanced lung cancer and liver cancer.

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