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What is the name of a hernia? Inguinal hernia, commonly known as the "small intestine gas", is composed of abdominal organs or tissues along


What is the name of a hernia? Inguinal hernia, commonly known as the "small intestine gas", is composed of abdominal organs or tissues along with the peritoneal wall, the abdominal wall to the body surface by the weak point of the formation of a shape like a capsule, there is a sense of gas in it. The prominent part in bilateral hernia inguinal region, is what we usually say the thigh ah, the human body in the upright position, the position of maximum pressure, when there is a congenital or acquired factors make this part of the abdominal wall becomes weak when the organs within the abdominal cavity after this will highlight the form of inguinal hernia. Like a tire, when the tyre damaged inner tube will be the same from the breakage will bulge, the internal structure of the abdominal wall through the abdominal wall bulge weak, forming a capsule. By men and women of any age can suffer from colic, to children and the elderly are more common. The hernia will happen? Hernia does not get better over time, that will not disappear (recovery). If not timely treatment, hernia block will gradually increase with time, making the inguinal region to form a larger and larger masses, to bring our daily lives unchanged, resulting in decreased quality of life. When patients with sudden abdominal force, there will be more prominent since the bowel defect, resulting in incarcerated hernia contents, may cause intestinal obstruction, strangulation necrosis and even life-threatening. How is hernia treated? Surgery is the only cure for hernia. The principle of hernia surgery, such as clothing, we can put the patch on the outside, you can also put the patch in the inside. If we say that the traditional method of making a knife on the abdominal wall is from the outside to fill the words, then the method is to fill the inside of the supplement. Surgeons usually perform 5 types of hernia repair with a wall of two mm, a hole of about 10 mm, with patches and other instruments. It has both the advantages of laparoscopic surgery, such as postoperative abdominal wound appearance, no wound infection, surgical incision pain, less bleeding, shorter hospitalization time (3 ~ 5 days), intestinal function recovery and early recovery etc, which are the traditional surgery unmatched. At the same time, for bilateral inguinal hernia repair, exploration and discovery of concealed hernia, laparoscopic surgery has a unique advantage.

With considerable skill in laparoscopic surgery, specializes in various kinds of laparoscopic hernia repair surgery, has been successfully carried out many cases of laparoscopic total extraperitoneal inguinal hernia tension-free repair (TEP), this type of operation is the latest laparoscopic hernia repair surgery, with small trauma, light pain and quick recovery. All patients had significant curative effect, no recurrence.



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