No money is huge hernia 30 years troubled love surgery to help him recover

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No money is huge hernia 30 years troubled love surgery to help him May 26, 2014 Fuyang 7:35 News NetworkReporter Ch


No money is huge hernia 30 years troubled love surgery to help him recover May 26, 2014 Fuyang 7:35 News Network

Reporter Chen Ling Xu Liya correspondent Lang Hualian recently, the joint city hospital to carry out public welfare activities, to provide 5 free newspaper readers "laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair places. This week, 5 lucky readers have been successfully admitted to hospital, one after another surgery. Among them, the oldest 67 years old, the youngest of the age of 58, many people have done repair, and now relapse, the longest history, even because of difficulties in life, was a small intestine gas troubled for more than 30 years.

The doctors are "laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair to any man".

8 in the morning, who lives in xieguxi village, deer Hill Street 63 year old uncle ho first sent to the operation room. On the operating table where though the old man lying flat, hernia piece still look so big head baby. According to history records, he was 30 years old suffering from "intestinal gas, because hernia smaller blocks, little impact on life, coupled with economic difficulties, there has been no treatment. More than 10 years ago, hernia began to increase, gradually affecting the normal walking and labor. A successful operation, and not only by the surgeon's skill, but also need close cooperation of the medical team. In order to help solve the problems of any man of his 30 years of "intestinal gas, city hospital sent the best surgical team. Under the administration of the city hospital of No.1 People's Hospital of Hangzhou deputy director of gastrointestinal surgery expert Dan Yuqiang surgeon, vice president, deputy director of the hospital surgeon Sun Zhilong as a help. In the nurse's help, the reporter changed the aseptic operation service, the whole process of laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair surgery in the operation room of the witness. "Such a big hernia is scarce now." Dr. Dan Yuqiang said, where the old man is a "giant inguinal hernia surgery patients, there is a certain degree of difficulty, he plans to give patients a modified surgical repair, this way more firmly, for giant inguinal hernia patients and the elderly, can effectively reduce the recurrence rate. In the case of general anesthesia, and the left and right sides where the edge of the doctor went to the navel, opened a 10 mm hole. President sun with laparoscopic, minimally invasive from the lower edge of the hole pierces the umbilical, instead of the doctor's eyes, a single physician about surgical forceps each hold a slender, from minimally invasive hole on both sides of the umbilical, instead of the doctor's hands. With the help of laparoscopy, doctors soon found uncle ho peritoneum gap, the diameter is about 4 - 5 cm, where the old man is part of the small intestine through the gap, slipped inside the scrotum. Under the direct vision of laparoscopic surgery, a single surgeon was used to reposition the small intestine which slides into the scrotum, and then to be separated by the ultrasonic scalpel. In the mirror, you can see the biggest gap in the middle, edge and several smaller gap. Next, the most critical repair. The old man why hospital provided free is priced at 4000 yuan to import the largest patch area of about 1/3 the size of A4 paper, made of strong material flexibility. The first single doctor knead the cigarette like into the body through a small hole, uncle ho navel, and then re start using surgical patch clamp, covering the gap on the abdominal wall, and properly fixed. Laparoscopic peritoneal suture the power. In order to better postoperative comfort, single doctor decided to give up quickly and save the nail gun peritoneal closure method in laparoscopic peritoneal closure by hand. See a surgeon cleverly act as a go-between in the patient, for the observer is a tense and enjoyable experience. The length of the surgical clamp is about 30 cm, and the electronic screen, only the plane of the image, there is no three-dimensional vision, which requires a doctor's rich clinical experience and skilled operating skills. A single physician apparently very confident of himself, he averaged 1 per second needle speed, easily peritoneal suture uncle ho groin together. The whole process is very smooth, even knotted action as normal people in the eyes of the same skilled. The end of the operation, the reporter looked up at the door of the operation room time, 10:37. One doctor said, after surgery, after just over a period of time to recover, any man can walk normally and work.

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