Do you pay attention to your breasts during puberty?

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Adolescence is a period of transition from immature organ to maturity in childhood. During this period, the physical development of adolesce


Adolescence is a period of transition from immature organ to maturity in childhood. During this period, the physical development of adolescents and the gradual maturation of sexual function. The age limit for puberty prescribed by the WHO is from the age of 10 to the end of the age of 20, but the timing of puberty for each girl is not consistent. During this period, the breast with the gradual maturation of ovarian function and the first development. The breast is the fountain of life, breast in the whole body position is the most conspicuous, a plump and elastic breast into the form of female specific, rounded, key parts of a beautiful curve, so now the women for health, beautiful breast extra attention. Adolescence is a critical period of breast development, and thus to breast fitness should pay special attention to this period of breast care.

In the face of their own development of the breast, young women should first understand the general rule of this period of breast development, from only a small papillary projections to the nipple, areola and breast gradually, and then to the nipple and areola of the pigment deepened and uplift, and finally to the whole process of breast development to approximate hemisphere or cone approximately 4 years. If we take the menstruation as a marker of ovarian maturation, about 1/3 development, the girl in the previous breast and breast development, both sides sometimes appear uneven phenomenon, can be developed first side or bilateral range, must not be used as tumor resection.

Secondly, in order to make their breast tall, plump, healthy, should start from the following 1 aspects: to maintain the beauty of posture and exercise, do bosom abdomen hips, a proper chest movement, increase breast muscle thickness; 2: to enhance the rational nutrition, appropriate to increase the intake of animal protein and fat breast, increase the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, eat more nuts and legumes, and increase the intake of iodine and vitamin E and B in meat, eggs, milk intake, vegetables in the cabbage, cauliflower, kelp and seaweed, can provide the essential components of hormone synthesis, can make the breast nipple normal development, plump; 3: don't wear the right bra, bra, the breast development period should prohibit the corset and prone, otherwise the local blood circulation is blocked, or even can affect the development of nipple effect After lactation, breast developmental maturity, can wear the right bra according to the growth rate and breast size, choose cotton, non liner or slightly loose underwear, sports and labor should also choose the bra strap width and fasten the strap; 4: avoid ionizing radiation, the size of risk of radiation on the human body depends on the age and the acceptable dose, in 10-20 years old, especially women's risk of exposure before and during menstruation menarche is greater, so adolescent women as much as possible to avoid unnecessary exposure to X-ray and other ionizing radiation. In addition to the above several points to pay attention, you should also ensure adolescent sleep patterns, should not make their own ideological pressure, maintain good mood, these are all you have good health and bodybuilding breast little secret.

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