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The new VIP Clinic: Monday (weekly) 13:00 ~ 16:30, under the special clinic department of Longhua hospital (red) 2 Building 5 consulting roo


The new VIP Clinic: Monday (weekly) 13:00 ~ 16:30, under the special clinic department of Longhua hospital (red) 2 Building 5 consulting room, plus can.

Thank you for your attention to this website, I joined this site for nearly 2 years, the amount of nearly 1000000 visitors, and when the May Day holiday, there will be time to tell you the heart. Hope you browse and spread. (related links

I seek a relatively fair and equitable health care system and medical environment, willing to have a more harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. The answer to this site for all my spare time to complete, the patient really do not have to ask for a change of name to ask (I understand for patients who want to try to have a "gunman" on behalf of me to answer). Time is limited, I am willing to devote to the patients who need more.

A plus:

My expert outpatient service is queuing system, often see the same day at four or five in the morning to queue up, around the morning of about ten tickets have been taken out of space; for the patients living far away is not easy to get tickets. Appointment system is to change the patient to get the next appointment number, you can better arrange time to visit, do not have to be on the basis of the sick again in order to grab votes". As for foreign patients to take the reservation number is very inconvenient, so I take care of the day plus, but for the relatively fair, have to wait until after 3. Later found that although the household registration is not in Shanghai, but in fact, living in Shanghai is still a lot of patients, or relatives and friends in Shanghai can help to get a lot of appointments. So to take care of the newly diagnosed patients only. Later found the patient for a new card that he never visited a doctor...... I am amazed at the wisdom of our people"!

I can only sigh again, make an appointment and plus is for the convenience of the patient, please decide plus on the website and contact me now (your name online I promised will record), not explicitly promised without plus, plus 3 points to please find me into the consulting room, so as not to affect other patients. For those who are in urgent need of help, I have my own conscience.

About diagnosis and treatment:

The development of medicine is a spiral, at present a lot of etiology is not clear, the clinical medical personnel, between clinical and medical personnel, the inspection department inspection department (ultrasound, mammography, magnetic resonance) between the medical staff, for some diseases caused by a judgment is not very common. For patients, it is really difficult to choose, but now you can do it only to believe who will look at, or some patients will be a doctor to find, but the final decision or your own. I give the pros and cons of the proposal, or suggest one of them, but never help you make a decision.

Please understand (understand) what I mean when you see a doctor: 1 I suggest surgery, that is, (lesions) may not be more and more surgery may not be able to eliminate the malignant, or has been malignant. 2 I said the operation is to remind you that The loss outweighs the gain., not necessary to the so-called "malignant" feel alarmed, at least for now does not need surgery, can observe why pay the price of operation. 3 I said that surgery can also be observed, indicating that (lesions) should be benign, but has a certain volume, depending on your state of mind. The surgery was afraid or wounds care you can choose to observe, put all feel alarmed on the choice of tumor resection, want not to worry about (removal of the tumor and no scars on someone else) (my personal recommendation, maybe Louis Liu can). 4 most important, my advice is only my experience and opinion, please don't tell me what to say...... I don't want anyone PK.

Need to understand common sense:

1 if the drug (Chinese medicine or Western Medicine) can eliminate the tumor forming, no one will choose surgery; if you eat some seaweed, taro (many online advice) can completely eliminate the tumor, the doctor can be laid off half of the breast.

2 there is no specific literature on the prevention of cancer, including breast cancer. Regular inspection, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment is still the best method recommended by the International Union against cancer. Not even the drugs in the prevention of fibroadenoma, pay attention to good habits is relatively reduced.

3 is the three drug, any treatment is the drugs from the perspective of There are both advantages and disadvantages., it is not the The more, the better. Often see patients with breast cancer after the pursuit of prescription drugs to be expensive, I think the longer the better medication. In fact, the reason no longer.

The 4 doctor occupation (or any occupation) is the need of talent and experience accumulation, but no matter how high, how high talent, experience more rich, more popular junior high, there will be "misdiagnosis", hope to the doctor or the doctor must be tolerant, protect yourself first, everybody play an insurance if things go on like this, coefficient, patients will suffer a lot.

5 doctors wear "white", but not "angels", do not "angel" to ask and measure the doctor. Angels do not need to rest, do not need to eat "human fireworks", "angel" may not only wings "temper", apparently not a doctor.

6 some patients said, "if we do not come to see a doctor, you are not to be laid off?" Please, relax, you can not represent all patients. Besides, if you come to see a doctor just to give me a meal to eat, please do not have to. I can't help you, you won't die. If you don't look for me, I won't starve. The woods are too big.

7 if one day I lose my temper, please forgive me, but also please understand that you broke the "bottom line", my consulting room is not the market, I am not a hawker, I do not bargain with you". Please respect me.

8 some patients (the same question over and over again) will say, "I do not do not believe you, is unable to control, is worried about......". Remember, through South Wanping Road, Shanghai mental health center outpatient psychological reception you, they more professional and more suitable for you.

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