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The traditional Chinese medicine, emotional depression, excessive anxiety can cause, always melancholy and moody, breast disease.Modern medi


The traditional Chinese medicine, emotional depression, excessive anxiety can cause, always melancholy and moody, breast disease.

Modern medicine thinks that biological social psychological model is the basis of disease.

Scene: consulting room in specialist clinic

People: patients (retired teachers), Dr. Qin


Dr. Qin: what are you looking for?

Patient: (very sincere) Hello, I have seen a lot of doctors, and many experts say that I have nothing to do. But I think there's something wrong with the breasts. I checked online, I think you are a good doctor, you can definitely help me clear diagnosis......

Dr. Qin: (serious physical examination, carefully read the information of the hospital examination) you are breast degeneration incomplete, no big problem. Recommend careful use of health care products, eat less artificial feeding chicken, turtle, eel.

Patient: what is degenerative?

Dr. Qin: at your age, the mammary gland should be degraded, but not completely degraded. You see it as a good breast hyperplasia, breast pain may have a bad mood, is pain and tingling. Regular inspection on the line.

Patient: other doctors say I'm fine, and I hope it's okay, but I think it's better if you have a problem. You must be careful. I want you to help me.

Dr. Qin: you really have nothing to do. There is no need for surgery.

Patient: the doctor always comforts the patient. I have a mental preparation, it's cancer. Need to do early surgery, do not wait until the late cancer can not be cleaned up again. There is no need for surgery, until the late stage is not too late to do.

Dr. Qin: you just breast hyperplasia. Don't worry too much.

Patient: I have read a lot of medical books, I think I am "atypical hyperplasia", because the symptoms are not typical, it is difficult to diagnose, the book said, "atypical hyperplasia" is "precancerous lesions," to become cancerous.

Dr. Qin: atypical hyperplasia is a pathological diagnosis, not to say that symptoms are not typical......

Patient: I am a teacher, I read a lot of books, check a lot of information on the Internet, and I understand......

Doctor: I'm afraid the Qin teacher, because usually teachers are facing the students, "she" always know best. But in clinic, you should see themselves as students, after all "gehangrugeshan". Some of you are completely wrong.

Patients:...... Also, who do not want surgery, but if it has to be cut, always open early than late opening,......

Dr. Qin: I think the problem is not big on your breasts. However, your psychological problem is great, there is a large hospital opposite the hospital (Shanghai mental health center), where you can go to the psychological counseling clinic.

Comments: the patient is more typical of hypochondria, such patients in the breast clinic is not uncommon. But the domestic psychological counseling is still relatively exclusive (fear of others said "mental illness"). In fact, mental illness is very harmful to people, it should be early diagnosis and early treatment.

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