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For the breast, what kind of diet in order to make a good breast development, enhance self-confidence. And what kind of diet can increase th


For the breast, what kind of diet in order to make a good breast development, enhance self-confidence. And what kind of diet can increase the risk of breast disease? Different stages of the human body, there are different characteristics:

Infants should have good eating habits and diet, do not blindly take care of drugs and supplements, some of which contain a certain amount of hormones, growth and development of children may bring adverse effects.

The adolescent breast a period of rapid growth, due to the increase of animal protein and fat intake, such as eggs, fish, meat, dairy, peanuts and so on, to ensure adequate nutrition, do not advocate blindly to lose weight, because the number of adipose tissue in the breast is an important factor in breast size. If the lack of nutrition, the human body is thin, how can there be bodybuilding breast? But the fat and animal protein intake should be moderate, due to excessive body fat accumulation, may cause early menarche age, due to the collocation of plant protein, vitamins and trace elements such as walnuts, peanuts, beans, vegetables, fruits, etc..

Lactating mothers appropriate to eat soup diet, such as broth, fish soup, chicken soup, pork ribs soup, mussels, don't eat too much greasy food, lest cause galactostasis. In the period of milk to reduce the intake of water, can take Chinese medicine hawthorn, malt, etc..

Menopausal women should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less high-fat foods, in order to reduce excess body fat.

For fibroadenoma of breast hyperplasia, breast patients should be appropriate to control the intake of fat, should eat a low-fat diet, containing vitamin B, is conducive to the decomposition of estrogen in the liver. Take care, tonic, should pay attention to prevent the ingestion of containing sex hormones; for acute mastitis, mammary duct ectasia syndrome were swollen, eat spicy, fishy food, diet should be light; for postoperative breast cancer patients, eat high fat, not suffering from breast cancer after high protein diet. As a means of enhancing immunity, dry mouth for chemotherapy or after taking Fengdou, etc.. Generally, the body weight of patients do not exceed the preoperative weight of 20% postoperative breast cancer, because too much fat can be taken as sex hormone estrogen, diet containing health care products, such as royal jelly, Oviductus Ranae and on women's health care products beauty function.

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