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I have been engaged in the breast specialist for nearly thirty years, I have seen a lot of molybdenum and palladium films, the diagnosis of


I have been engaged in the breast specialist for nearly thirty years, I have seen a lot of molybdenum and palladium films, the diagnosis of breast diseases.

In the late 80s, I worked with the University of communications to develop the application of computer color synthesis techniques in the clinical diagnosis of breast cancer. In this paper, we studied the molybdenum target in the computer color synthesis process, make the image more clear, the lesion location is clear, especially for the early diagnosis of breast cancer is very beneficial. In the process of color synthesis in the process of computer synthesis, but also the unexpected artistic appreciation, sometimes like oil painting, sometimes like watercolor painting. Now select a few vivid treatment of molybdenum target Chuan up, for the majority of users to enjoy.

Figure 1, the circular mass in the diagnosis of the cyst, the cyst density and density of the same, the density of the tumor itself is very uniform, the blue envelope is also very complete. The whole picture of the brown color is also very serious, we have it as a map of the breast atlas book, people have a very intuitive sense of breast disease.

Figure two breast cancer mammography, color synthesis processing, strong color contrast, the interior is a three-dimensional honeycomb change, its edge is small lobulated, invasion can vaguely see the catheter. We can imagine: red on behalf of the gland, a black mass like a fat caterpillar, eating in the surrounding healthy tissue.

Figure three after color processing, the normal tissue and cancer tissue interface is very delicate description. See the thorn angle image vivid, three-dimensional sense of strong, light blue and brown adipose tissue of breast of glandular tissue, clear off the Yellow tumor tissue, like a flower blooming in autumn chrysanthemum.

Figure four shows that there are a lot of dense dots and the density is high. Purple red the edge is more obvious, surrounded by a circle of blue slightly low density organization, the actual organization has been violated. Postoperative pathology confirmed medullary carcinoma, like a purple Hydrangea, give people a clear quantitative sense.

In my opinion, the color composite image has a strong comparability and high sensitivity, which can display the density structure and the edge shape which can not be seen from the molybdenum target, which is an important basis for the identification of benign and malignant tumors. The more vivid and beautiful color patterns, the more we should pay attention to caution, may be harmful.

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