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Cerebral palsy is a kind of non progressive brain injury syndrome caused by various reasons before birth to 1 months after birth. The main m


Cerebral palsy is a kind of non progressive brain injury syndrome caused by various reasons before birth to 1 months after birth. The main manifestations of the central movement disorders and abnormal posture, and often accompanied by intelligence, audio-visual, eating, swallowing, speech, behavior and other obstacles, will seriously affect the child's life. Some parents in the long-term treatment of children or into the treatment of errors, or the loss of confidence in treatment, which are undesirable.

Parents and children with cerebral palsy must learn to face the disease, in order to achieve the best results:

1, face the problem, face reality, adhere to scientific treatment;

2, parents of children with patience, love and rehabilitation confidence;

3, parents are not too much protection, with no mercy, do not give up, not intimidation, not indulgence, as far as possible to try not to school education, compared with other children, encouraging them to participate in games and activities as much as possible, let the children go out.

In fact, clinical studies have confirmed that the earlier the treatment of children with cerebral palsy, the better the treatment effect, if more than 6 years old, the treatment effect is relatively poor. The following popular and reliable methods can help parents to observe and determine whether the child has signs of cerebral palsy in children:

1, sleep time is too long or not sleep.

2, no sound or cry when crying down, straight hair.

3, swallow is not good.

4, the movement of hands and feet is not coordinated, more side movement.

5, when the urine is not open legs.

6, three months can not rise, still can not turn over for the past six months, will not sit for eight months.

7, eyes and parents do not communicate, and often convulsions.

If you find that the child must pay attention to the above phenomenon, as soon as possible to the regular hospital or specialist to check, after the diagnosis must be treated in a timely manner, and must adhere to the principle of combining surgery and rehabilitation. For patients with cerebral palsy, except in age appropriate (2.5 to 6 years old) to accept surgical treatment, postoperative orthopedic surgery should be combined with the corresponding (i.e. for children with scissors and Anai Dou step deformity corrective therapy) and rehabilitation training, so to ensure the most satisfactory results.

For children with cerebral palsy can take simple physical therapy, such as massage, passive movement, automatic assisted movement, automatic movement, under the condition of the resistance movement, movement, movement, and mixed exercise, rest, relaxation, relaxation exercise, physical exercise, balanced cross movement, hand movement and other techniques, to help them physical activity stimulates nerve endings and damaged brain cells.

In addition, I also want to say with the majority of parents of children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation, is a long-term process, is not enough to rely on doctors and therapists, help parents play an important role in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, especially the cognitive function of the children of poor parents must guide with training personnel the education and training for children in their spare time, so that we can play a multiplier effect.

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