Pay attention to early rehabilitation treatment of cerebral palsy

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Children with cerebral palsy have a great impact on children and parents, we must pay close attention to everyone, once ignored, it will inc


Children with cerebral palsy have a great impact on children and parents, we must pay close attention to everyone, once ignored, it will increase the difficulty of treatment. Generally speaking, cerebral palsy will bring the following 6 hazards:

1, motor dysfunction: exercise self control ability is poor, serious person can not grasp the hands, feet will not walk, some won't even stand up, sit up, not stand, not normal chewing and swallowing.

2, postural disorders: a variety of abnormal posture, poor postural stability. Such as 3 months still can not head upright, accustomed to the side, or left and right after shaking. Hand washing is not easy to break the other fist.

3, mental retardation: children with normal intelligence about 1/4, 1/4, mild mental retardation, less than about 1/2, severe mental retardation accounted for about.

4, tooth development disorders: loose teeth, easy to fold, mouth surface dysfunction, facial muscles and tongue muscles sometimes spasm or uncoordinated contraction, chewing and swallowing difficulties, oral closure difficulties and drooling, etc..

5, language barriers: language difficulties, unclear pronunciation or stuttering symptoms.

6, audio visual obstacle: within the strabismus and the most difficult to identify the rhythm of the voice.

From the above we are not difficult to understand, children with cerebral palsy will bring a variety of injuries to children, if not timely intervention will affect their lives. Therefore, children with cerebral palsy should be early detection of early rehabilitation, and should be consistent and correct rehabilitation therapy, comprehensive rehabilitation therapy. It is not scientific to be superstitious about a particular treatment, such as "an operation to solve a lifelong problem.". Rehabilitation treatment method is not appropriate, may produce is the effect of its anti, aggravating illness.

We must recognize that in the professional rehabilitation physicians under the guidance of the movement is a better method -- including active and passive massage, can guide the patients according to different age were sitting and standing, and take things a variety of sports and by professional rehabilitation doctors for children with appropriate massage etc.. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of exercise should be gradual, persevere, can not be too fast, excessive, otherwise will cause damage, parents should not worry, but also to teach children not to worry. If the child is in a state of curling up in a long period of time, which results in the contraction of the muscles that are not pulled away by the body, or whether it is a stubborn limb spasm that interferes with the training, it is necessary to ask the experts to carry out the operation. However, the effect of the surgery is to strengthen the exercise of residual muscle strength to ensure. Some children in the preoperative spasm but can stand, muscle weakness after surgery, due to not good rehabilitation exercise but can not stand up. The surgical treatment should according to the specific condition of each patient to determine, for example, with surgical indications of children with spastic cerebral palsy. FSPR (separated operation function of selective spinal nerve root) reduce muscle tension, excessive muscle spasm, specifically the intraoperative monitoring through multi-channel electrophysiological techniques of operation in the proportion of spinal nerve root resection, the resection range of sensory nerve and the proportion is more scientific and objective, provides a prerequisite for the recovery of motor function of the maximum. In patients with spastic cerebral palsy after surgery, supplemented by systematic rehabilitation training, 90% of the patients with lower extremity motor function has been greatly improved, and the ability to take care of themselves. Similarly, other types of children with cerebral palsy should also follow the "rehabilitation training - surgery - rehabilitation training - surgery," such a scientific and standardized treatment can be effective.

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