How to cooperate with surgery in the treatment of cerebral palsy

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Children cerebral palsy is a disabling disease due to brain damage, which is mainly manifested by motor dysfunction. At present our country


Children cerebral palsy is a disabling disease due to brain damage, which is mainly manifested by motor dysfunction. At present our country 1 ~ 7 years old children, the prevalence of cerebral palsy was 12 per thousand to 2.7 per thousand, the prevalence rate is higher in other types of brain dysfunction. The earlier the treatment time, the greater the possibility of recovery, the smaller the sequela.

The best treatment for children with cerebral palsy at present comprehensive treatment, including surgery (two stage surgery surgery, cerebral palsy cerebral palsy and other kinds of surgery) and rehabilitation therapy and other multidisciplinary treatment methods, treatment options for each child should also develop individual.

First, we should expand multidisciplinary on the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, if there are some problems that affect the rehabilitation training or affect the child's growth will then continue the surgical intervention, rehabilitation training (rehabilitation training should be lifelong, early rehabilitation training should be strengthened, the latter should by patients' rehabilitation training).

We are talking about rehabilitation is not simply to allow children to do some training, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, language therapy, psychotherapy and other disciplines.

1, professional rehabilitation physicians: specially trained cerebral palsy rehabilitation physicians in addition to co-ordinate arrangements for patients with treatment plan, but also in accordance with the situation of children in a timely manner and other teams of doctors and other timely communication.

2. Physical therapist: to improve the physical and mental health of children with cerebral palsy, it is responsible for the design and implementation of special training programs to improve muscle strength and function.

3, responsible for occupational therapists: Professor of cerebral palsy children daily life study and work required skills, such as the most basic dressing, eating, toileting, bathing, etc..

4, language therapists: responsible for solving the problem of language communication in children with cerebral palsy, negative diagnosis and treatment of children with swallowing, communication difficulties related disability.

5, the therapist can help patients with cerebral palsy: family and cope with the huge pressure, pressure and special needs of cerebral palsy, in some cases can also be supervised treatment, useless or destructive medical behavior to correct.

6, responsible for the surgeon: to solve the bones, muscles, tendons, nerves or joint problems in diagnosis and treatment of surgical methods, often involved in neuromuscular problems associated with cerebral palsy, special treatment of nerve, bone and muscle, tendon and other diseases.

Through the above subjects complement each other physicians, according to the specific condition of each of the children with cerebral palsy, so as to develop a system including surgery, physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports therapy, speech and language therapy, individualized rehabilitation measures to regulate the.

In general, surgical treatment of children with cerebral palsy, the ultimate goal is to create favorable conditions for rehabilitation training, combined with rehabilitation training in order to achieve the best therapeutic effect. For example, children with spastic cerebral palsy by training encounter some difficult situations in the rehabilitation process: hypermyotonia through training can get some relief, but often takes a long time, but also difficult to achieve the high muscle tension completely reduced to the standard level.

It is said that the high strength of correct muscle tension will continue and interference suppression in children with spastic cerebral palsy, the correct power can not be normal development and work, rehabilitation training is restricted and cut some of its energy, can not fundamentally solve the problem. In this case, if it continues to only simple words during rehabilitation training, will affect the treatment effect, the degree of recovery will be greatly reduced.

So in order to achieve a truly effective rehabilitation purposes, we have to find a way to completely cut off the wrong strength of children, so that the normal muscle tension. In this case, we have to rely on surgical procedures to solve the problem. The good effect is FSPR surgery (functional selective posterior rhizotomy), this operation can selectively block the root part of the nerve fiber after full adjustment of patients with muscle tension, muscle tension of muscle spasm as close to normal state.

In addition to the reduction of spasticity, surgery can correct deformity or release the muscle tendon. Of course, after surgery must be combined with other rehabilitation treatment can achieve good results.

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