Parents face to adjust the mentality of cerebral palsy

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As a parent, the first to recognize an independent disease in children with cerebral palsy is a kind of common sense, but from within one mo


As a parent, the first to recognize an independent disease in children with cerebral palsy is a kind of common sense, but from within one month after birth of brain development is not yet mature stage, due to the non progressive brain damage caused by the posture and movement dysfunction syndrome. It is decided that the treatment of children with cerebral palsy, can not be like other simple diseases, can see the treatment effect in the short term, but need to pay more energy and time into which.

Cerebral palsy rehabilitation is a long process, but as long as the determination of the parents, the child's rehabilitation will be better. The rehabilitation of cerebral palsy can not only rely on short-term hospitalization, many parents and doctors need to closely cooperate with the treatment, to develop a rehabilitation training program to assess the effectiveness of training.

If the cerebral palsy a day earlier discovered and confirmed, then for the treatment and rehabilitation of children will have a great significance, some abnormal children learn to distinguish to discover disease is extremely important.

From the current clinical study found that children with cerebral palsy can get timely and correct treatment within one year of age, then often can get better recovery. Because the human brain in the one year old has not yet fully mature, is still in a period of rapid growth, at this age of brain injury in children with cerebral palsy is still at the primary stage, abnormal posture and movement is not fixed, plasticity, compensatory recovery ability, were treated in this period can often achieve a multiplier effect.

Here to teach at home there is a premature birth, dystocia, hypoxia, jaundice and other high risk factors of cerebral palsy baby parents a simple way to see whether the child is normal gait. In accordance with the law of human development, normal children around the age of 1 began to learn to walk, although because of individual differences, some children will be a few months earlier, some children will be a few months later, but should not be more than 2 years of age. Once the parents found that children often learn to walk with toes to walk, or when the foot can not stand flat feet, Achilles tendon and particularly hard, it is necessary to raise vigilance, highly suspected cerebral palsy.

If the child after the regular hospital diagnosed with cerebral palsy, parents do not despair, to immediately take their children to the conditions of the regular hospital treatment, and avoid becoming. Many parents of children with cerebral palsy treatment to just hear the message, try to run, but because there is no effective treatment and immediately get disheartened, this is not desirable.

In the course of treatment, the parents do not have to work closely with the act with undue haste, doctor, let the children for an early resumption of normal life. For the treatment of cerebral palsy is a long process, need to fight a "protracted war", and actively cooperate with the parents of the children and good care of the family and the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy guarantee, so parents should have enough patience and effort, and also combined with rehabilitation therapy.

At present, cerebral palsy should be treated by multidisciplinary cooperation, in the precondition of correct diagnosis and early rehabilitation training, such as poor effect or recurrent disease should be timely surgical treatment as soon as possible to relieve muscle tension high in early operation to relieve spasm, and make the necessary correction. In general, the best period of rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy is 0 to 6 years old, of which the best period of surgical treatment is between the ages of 2 and a half to the age of 6.

At present, we mainly take the clinical surgery of cerebral palsy (i.e. the function of selective spinal nerve followed by partial disconnection, FSPR operation), two stage operation of cerebral palsy (CP muscle force and tension adjustment operation, CP operation, MMA) carotid adventitial stripping surgery (FES-CCA surgery) and peripheral nerve constriction (SPN), different surgical operation by professional doctors according to the actual condition of children.

Of course, no matter what kind of surgery, postoperative rehabilitation is essential. Postoperative rehabilitation including the contents and items are also many: enhance the muscle strength, endurance, joint activities and walking functions such as training, in order to maximize the recovery of limb motor function, improve the ability of daily life. Postoperative rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible, step by step, take the initiative and training combined with passive training, persevere to achieve improve movement function, improve self-care ability, to eventually return to society.

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