Which children belong to children with high risk of cerebral palsy? How to effectively solve the problem of cerebral palsy from the source

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A large number of medical data show that cerebral palsy is the root cause of the brain damage in children, resulting in brain hypoplasia, th


A large number of medical data show that cerebral palsy is the root cause of the brain damage in children, resulting in brain hypoplasia, that is, the brain cells in children with cerebral palsy due to many reasons for damage or loss of efficacy. For the disease, the treatment of patients can achieve the goal of health. The use of surgery to correct the problem can only be solved on the surface, and rehabilitation training can not solve the problem of bone deformation, so from the source of the problem to solve the problem can really get rid of cerebral palsy.

Study on children with cerebral palsy is confirmed before birth, birth process and after birth, due to brain hypoxia, ischemia, hemorrhage, infection and other abnormal conditions caused by hair, namely "premature birth, dystocia, hypoxia, jaundice and other reasons is the main cause of cerebral palsy. So the birth of these abnormal babies, their parents should pay more attention to them, they all belong to what we call the high risk of cerebral palsy in medicine.

Parents should focus on risk factors in children who, in these children once found retardation, abnormal posture or abnormal tension of muscle, familiar to children with cerebral palsy medical treatment, it is also an important step to ensure that children can get early treatment.

From the current clinical study found that children with cerebral palsy can get timely and correct treatment within one year of age, then often can get better recovery. Because the human brain in the one year old has not yet fully mature, is still in a period of rapid growth, at this age of brain injury in children with cerebral palsy is still at the primary stage, abnormal posture and movement is not fixed, plasticity, compensatory recovery ability, were treated in this period can often achieve a multiplier effect.

At the same time, we also found that infants and young children in the development stage of the movement system, if the early detection of cerebral palsy in children with abnormal movement, early correction, easy to achieve good results. And early in accordance with the law of development of children's movement, in a timely manner for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy functional rehabilitation, you can gradually promote them to produce the correct movement.

Cerebral palsy rehabilitation training should also be multidisciplinary, if there are some problems affecting the rehabilitation training or affect the child's growth and development, it is necessary to carry out surgical intervention, and then continue rehabilitation training. A lot of people think that the brain of children with mental problems, in fact, the majority of children with cerebral palsy intelligence is normal or near normal. If effective treatment and correct rehabilitation training, they can still act as usual, self-care.

Surgical intervention should be carried out as soon as possible if early aggressive nonoperative treatment is ineffective or unstable. Because with the age of children with cerebral palsy spastic muscles and bone growth is difficult to synchronize, it will form a variety of progressive deformity. Timely surgical intervention on children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation training based on the ground, to avoid abnormal development until excessive disability, any subjective and objective factors lead to the operation time delay will give children bring disastrous results.

We need to know that the children are in the growth and development of the individual, once suffering from cerebral palsy the motor dysfunction, bad habits, bad posture and gait, along with the growth of children will deteriorate rapidly, increasing the difficulty of treatment, so early surgery is appropriate. We in the treatment of spastic cerebral palsy as an example, the FSPR operation (separated operation function of selective spinal nerve root) best age treatment was 2.5 to 6 years old, after the age of 6 limb deformation will be more serious, the postoperative recovery time will be longer.

Although the level of treatment of cerebral palsy has made great progress, however, it is necessary to follow the scientific principles, to evaluate the effect of treatment, and do not exaggerate the effect of treatment. But there are ways to treat cerebral palsy, but also have a positive attitude, not too pessimistic and disappointed, loss of confidence. If so, will delay treatment, will cause lifelong regret. The key is to take the most appropriate way to intervene in different stages, in order to receive the best results.

We found in the clinical treatment, the rehabilitation and treatment of long-term scientific and standardized, social reintegration of children with cerebral palsy and a few, although this is a long process, but only to parents is higher, the better the degree of recovery of children. The rehabilitation of cerebral palsy can not only rely on short-term hospitalization, many parents and doctors need to closely cooperate with the treatment, to develop a rehabilitation training program to assess the effectiveness of training.

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