Pay attention to the difference in child cerebral palsy and calcium cerebral palsy not heal

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We have received a children in the family, more than 3 months have found some exceptions: lying in bed almost neck lift, hands and legs no e


We have received a children in the family, more than 3 months have found some exceptions: lying in bed almost neck lift, hands and legs no effort, went to the local hospital to see after the doctor said it was caused by a calcium deficiency. The family will try to give the child to eat calcium, and calcium, and eat calcium rich foods, after 3 months of calcium, but no better.

Children to six months after the parents find it still will not sit again, doctors say or calcium, need to fill, the child slightly larger will get better. Family to half believe and half doubt but there was no effect of calcium. Until the parents with a 11 month old child came to our hospital, only to be diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic type.

We remind parents again, if that child sit up or stand up, don't think it is a calcium deficiency most probably it did not actually happen. If the index does not accord with normal children, must be to the regular hospital for examination, to avoid blindly calcium and delayed treatment.

Once the central nerve cells die, they will be destroyed forever, and the nerve cells will not be able to divide and proliferate after birth. The brain lesion in children with cerebral palsy is stationary, but the neurological deficit is not caused by fixed and unchanging. Some people think that children with cerebral palsy movement is non progressive, children grow up naturally good. Even if the children's cerebral palsy is non progressive, it is difficult to recover without treatment. Studies have confirmed that no systematic rehabilitation treatment of cerebral palsy children can not take care of themselves.

Some parents mistakenly believe that the child is too small, too weak, calcium deficiency, according to the daily conditioning waiting to grow, self-healing not treated, this is wrong. There are some parents believe that children's facial features and limbs sound, but the age is small, with the development of growth, will naturally be cured. This is also wrong.

That is to say, children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation if not timely and effective treatment in the course of time, there will be deformation, joint contracture and disuse muscle atrophy, viscera function, immunity, and epilepsy, mental retardation, growth retardation, anorexia, and susceptible to various diseases, severe heart failure and renal failure and endanger life. So don't treat cerebral palsy not heal, but will aggravate the disease, increase the pain of patients, and even cause life can not take care of themselves.

In general, the best period of rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy is 0 years old to 6 years old. In the early rehabilitation of cerebral palsy we should pay attention to exercise therapy, according to the principle of psychology and neural development of the law, the promotion and treatment methods for strengthening treatment.

This therapy is mainly by stimulating proprioceptive nerve or other sensory organs, the sensory integration process, neuromuscular excitability increased or decreased, to improve muscle tension, promote active movement difficult or uncoordinated muscle to complete an activity. Common promotion technology has Bobath, Rood, Kabat, Temple-Fay and Brunnstrom, Vojta and other technologies.

The above two categories of skills are in fact mutual penetration, mutual connotation, can be selected according to each situation. On line anti spastic convulsion measures of athetoid and soft paralysis in regulating muscle tension, in appropriate joint pressure fixed and enhanced stability, are required to control key, inhibit the abnormal patterns induced by active movement.

Between 2 and a half years to the age of 6 is the best time for surgical treatment. In the treatment of children with cerebral palsy, adhere to physical rehabilitation and psychological counseling, with appropriate surgical treatment, you can see new hope. In short, in time for children to rehabilitation treatment is the key, but the most important point in the process of rehabilitation is to persevere, the so-called "persevering" this sentence here is the most appropriate.

According to the current study, the best time for the operation of cerebral palsy is in the case of stable limb spasm, and no obvious joint deformity in the implementation of the best age is 2.5 years old to the age of 6. Because of cerebral palsy in children under 3 years of age, the type of cerebral palsy is not stable, and it is possible to improve the symptoms of rehabilitation therapy, and the age is too small, the ability to withstand poor surgical trauma.

Due to long-term spasm caused by muscle muscle growth retardation and joint deformity, so early surgery may have a surgery through thoroughly improve motor function, once the joint deformity, often need orthopedic surgery in two treatment period. If only from the perspective of improving spasticity, there is no requirement for age at surgery.

The surgical treatment of cerebral palsy mainly includes: the operation that relieves spasm, namely FSPR operation; all kinds of joint operation, namely CPMMA operation and the improvement of balance and coordination ability, namely CCA operation. Spastic cerebral palsy is one of the highest incidence, the most appropriate is FSPR, that is, functional selective posterior root separation.

Significantly, FSPR surgery to remove the spasm without recurrence, and create favorable conditions for further rehabilitation training after the operation, will not cause the paralyzed, and root movement would not affect the function of muscles innervated by motor nerves before, at home and abroad is the first choice for the treatment of spastic cerebral palsy, the effect is most significant.

In addition, in addition to other types of spastic cerebral palsy cerebral palsy patients with unstable increased muscle tension and muscle involuntary movement as the main performance, the mixed type and Xu to balance and coordinate the dysfunction of cerebral palsy move relatively rare. The main cause is the birth of moderate and severe asphyxia and pathological jaundice, this type of cerebral palsy can be performed carotid endarterectomy (CCA surgery), in order to improve balance and coordination ability, improve the state of motion.

In conclusion, the treatment of children with cerebral palsy should include early intervention, rehabilitation training and surgical treatment. Early interventions include oxygen therapy, drug therapy and early rehabilitation training. Rehabilitation training for children with cerebral palsy to long-term adherence can be effective and ensure the effect of surgery. Similarly, the timing of surgery for children with cerebral palsy is also important. In addition, children with cerebral palsy to early detection, early treatment, do not hope to cure the incurable.

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