Early detection of cerebral palsy is helpful for scientific and effective rehabilitation therapy

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Through our long-term studies confirmed that children with cerebral palsy were found more the better rehabilitation department. Therefore, e


Through our long-term studies confirmed that children with cerebral palsy were found more the better rehabilitation department. Therefore, every one of the parents of newborns for their children to carry out regular neonatal physical examination, the examination can often find signs of cerebral palsy. Parents usually have to pay close attention to every detail of child growth and development, because the symptoms of cerebral palsy is often hidden among them, don't let down.

In general children with cerebral palsy to the infant will appear behind the performance such as mental and motor development, such as difficulty, knee flexion abduction is not easy to erect up straight, legs straight, legs crossed adductor in scissors, elbow flexion and wrist and thumb adduction fist hand often. Active exercise less, after 5 months still can not take the initiative to grab their favorite things, or with a hand to grab. Abnormal reflection, that is, some of the original reflex delay disappeared, while the normal protective reflex weakened or does not appear, there may be some pathological reflex.

On the basis of early diagnosis of cerebral palsy, we should emphasize early treatment. Because the study found that the early infant brain tissue in the most vigorous period of growth and development, brain plasticity, strong compensation ability. If given early stimulation, it will be of great help to the development of the brain. If early detection and early treatment can be performed within 6 months, most of the children with brain injury can be normalized or normalized after comprehensive rehabilitation treatment.

Of course, the rehabilitation treatment of children with cerebral palsy is not possible in one step, must be systematically implemented in stages, with different goals in different treatment period: in general, found that this stage of the disease until the age of 2 and half ago in children, should adhere to the various types of formal rehabilitation training, to prevent the occurrence of limb or further deterioration of deformity; treatment time in the best operation in 2 years to 6 years, through all kinds of surgery (here refers to spasmolysis FSPR surgery, functional selective spinal nerve root separation and disconnection), scientific and effective in reducing high muscle tension, relieve spasm, and then determine whether to limb surgery treatment.

For some stiff type of cerebral palsy patients, because the spasm is particularly serious, you need to first part of adductor cut off, in order to create conditions for rehabilitation training, re operation, if not for the solution of surgery spasm directly on the line of orthopedic treatment, the vast majority of patients will relapse, will increase the difficulty of future rehabilitation after surgery and two spasm; during orthopedic surgery successfully completed stage, children will continue to accept for a variety of rehabilitation training after operation, and shall be for a long time, in order to further consolidate the effect of rehabilitation for self-care, solid foundation to return to society smoothly lay.

After years of clinical practice and scientific research achievements were summarized, influencing factors of cerebral palsy rehabilitation of patients in the treatment of medical institutions and the relevant level, and mainly accept the treatment and rehabilitation of age, time, type, severity and complications related to. Therefore, it is necessary to do early prevention, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. Only accept the scientific, standardized, comprehensive treatment of the system, is the most effective way to recover cerebral palsy patients.

In the process of rehabilitation of children parents must do work, but must be aware of each child's condition is not the same, so the rehabilitation training and specific means are not exactly the same, do not see how others do their home training for children, it is not scientific. The ideal method is, in the professional rehabilitation under the guidance of teachers, develop a rehabilitation scheme according to the specific condition of children, according to their physical conditions, intellectual and physical aspects of the situation, for more targeted treatment.

Rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy is a long process, the need for scientific treatment, reasonable arrangements for food and nursing, postoperative rehabilitation exercise. Overall, children with cerebral palsy to have the desired therapeutic effect, the most critical is the treatment of children with cerebral palsy to be scientific, targeted, systematic and comprehensive.



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