Heritability of epilepsy in children

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Epilepsy is a neurological syndrome is a common cause of children during the complex, recurrent, transient cerebral dysfunction caused by pa


Epilepsy is a neurological syndrome is a common cause of children during the complex, recurrent, transient cerebral dysfunction caused by paroxysmal, divided into primary and secondary two, clinical manifestations of recurrent episodes of muscle twitching and disturbance of consciousness, a form of attack body seizures and partial seizures two, EEG diagnosis of 50-60% on the disease, repeated attacks have serious impact on children's intellectual and mental development.

Genetic epilepsy sometimes depends on the risk of pregnant women, the women taking AEDs baby all the anomalies of the higher than normal population 2 to 3 times, the influence of various antiepileptic drugs on the fetus are not the same, generally considered phenytoin, luminal and valproate have higher abnormality rate, other drugs such as card Marcy equality are also some teratogenicity. In addition, the more drugs, the greater the dose, the higher the risk. In the course of pregnancy, due to changes of endocrine and metabolism, about 1/3 of patients with epilepsy may increase, but most of the patients during pregnancy had no change or even better, pregnant women with epilepsy should be treated with folic acid and vitamins, possible drugs to prevent teratogenic and intrapartum bleeding tendency. Unless both men and women are patients with epilepsy (the risk of their children suffering from epilepsy is 2%, a total of 4%), the general epilepsy patients should be able to get married and have children. The problem is how to take measures to ensure the safety of mother and child before and after pregnancy.

There are two main factors that influence the genetic factors of children's epilepsy: one seizure itself, the other is antiepileptic drugs. This is a problem for women with epilepsy who want to have children when they are pregnant. Some suffering from epilepsy mother only consider taking medicine is not good for the child, and blind drug withdrawal, resulting in frequent seizures, but on the fetus caused greater damage. The side effects of drugs are terrible, but under the guidance of a doctor, you can adjust the type and dose of drugs to avoid the teratogenic effects of antiepileptic drugs. In short, the medication of epilepsy in pregnant women should be under the guidance of epilepsy specialist plan. In the first half of pregnancy should be the seizure control to a minimum, as far as possible from drug agent is reduced to a single agent, can maintain control of the lowest dose of seizures, followed up regularly throughout pregnancy, regular measurement of blood concentrations of drugs, including regular antenatal examination, B ultrasound examination, as long as do the preparatory work for more than 90% women with epilepsy is a normal pregnancy and childbirth, and does not affect the health of children.



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