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The mite is clinical common allergens, allergic rhinitis is one of the arch-criminal! For mites many patients do not know much, in fact, is


The mite is clinical common allergens, allergic rhinitis is one of the arch-criminal! For mites many patients do not know much, in fact, is a small insects and mites in our human symbiosis, it resides in our bed, sofa, to eat us off the skin health. According to scientists statistics, even very neat people, there are only 15 million at least average per bed bedding mites and dust mites. If you don't want to sleep with you and mites will be cleaned regularly, our bed sheets, quilt cover, do not ignore the pillow, not just a simple cleaning pillow towel and pillowcase, there is a mattress health, these are most likely to survive the mites. The best way to eliminate mites is boiling water hot or frozen, recommend 2-3 months to clean up a pillow, boiling water hot water after filtering out the bodies of mites and mite feces, so as to avoid and face to face, reduce the allergic reaction.

Reprint dividemite Raiders: Raiders: "know, baizhanbudai" -- understanding of mite habits. High temperature, moisture and mites love cotton fabric and soil environment, 20 ~ 30 degrees, relative humidity 65% ~ 80%, very suitable for the development and reproduction of mites. Summer commonly used by bamboo, reed mat, cattail or cotton and other raw materials, these materials are good places for parasitic mites breeding. Ask those in mites dermatitis patients after they basically have a common characteristic: is caused by the arrival of summer paved mat to sleep after. Especially after the Huangmei day nor on the mat washing drying time.

Strategy two: "a fundamental solution, and its spirit" - targeted acaricide. In the use of special spray should be sprayed out before the mat in the mat (both sides of mites in the supermarket can buy in general), plastic film and air tight seal up for more than 3 hours, to completely kill mites. Finally rinse with clean water after drying in the sun and then use. Use the best cleaning mat once a week.

Strategy three: "eradicate traitor" - mites. To have good hygiene habits, to keep their skin clean. Sulfur soap in addition to the effectiveness of mites, sulfur soap can often take a bath. The beauty of the ladies with sulfur soap or special dividemite Cleansing Cream wash your face to face before the layers of makeup must first, in addition to mites, or expensive cosmetics not only can not achieve the effect of beauty, it will become a mite luxurious dinner, keep them plump. In addition, those who can also go to beauty salons skin mites in addition to beauty services.

Strategy four: "east wind" - regular ventilation. Mites love with high temperature and humidity environment, so dry, ventilated ground is the eradication of their best weapon. Room must always open doors and windows, adhere to ventilation, light transmission. Especially in the use of air conditioning should pay more attention to indoor ventilation, ventilation.

Raiders five: "fire attack, hot water washing, sun exposure. Special love mites in the cotton and linen fabric installation. So we must often give clothes to clean dust, every two weeks or so can be washed once with bedding about 50 degrees Celsius hot water, including quilt cover and pillowcase. Can not be washed in the sun for more than 2 hours. After the sun close attention must be paid to the first beat before, further drive the mites.

Strategy six: "water attack" - "wet operation" cleaning method. The mites and its excretion with the possibility of flying in the air the room, then inhaled bronchial, easily lead to allergic symptoms. When cleaning, must pay attention to use wet cloth or a special addition to mites rag, to develop a "wet operation" habit, be sure to avoid dust mites spread through the air, reduce the chance.

Strategy seven: "food", do not store too much food. Biscuits, milk powder, sugar, sugar, maltose and other sugary foods is mite favorite. Therefore, the food stored in the home should not be too much, time is not too long, with food containers to tighten the lid. Try not to eat in the mat, sofa and so on.

Strategy eight: "do" - mites away from pets. In addition to mite parasites in the human body can also be parasitic on pets, especially like hairy pets like cats and dogs who often become the mites living environment, if you have a pet at home, we must remember always to pet a bath, disinfection. If necessary, take them to the pet hospital for professional mite removal.

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