Diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis must be standardized

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AACE2012: is it possible to apply clinical research to the daily treatment of osteoporosis?2012-06-10 21:54 source: DXY Author: pxsjunThe Am


AACE2012: is it possible to apply clinical research to the daily treatment of osteoporosis?

2012-06-10 21:54 source: DXY Author: pxsjun

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists annual meeting and clinical summit held in Philadelphia today, according to one of the experts said, osteoporosis has been a threat to the lives of millions of Americans, but for both men and women, there is currently no effective for diagnosis of the disease and treatment measures.

According to the Centers for disease control, about 300 thousand of all hospitalized patients with hip fractures are due to osteoporosis, and by 2040 the number will increase to about 500 thousand. Director, Portland Oregon osteoporosis center FACE, MD, Michael McClung said: "although in the past 20 years, we in the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis has made significant progress, but still lack of effective treatment strategies in clinical practice."

In recent years, scientists have made substantial progress in understanding osteoporosis and its impact on specific populations. According to dr.. In addition, evidence-based medicine guidelines include guidelines for osteoporosis in the Endocrine Society of the United States and the feasibility of guiding the practice of management.

"In our country, however, advances in clinical research are difficult to implement in clinical practice," Dr. McClung said. Many junior doctors are not aware of the existence of national guidelines for the treatment of osteoporosis, and therefore do not use these resources. In addition, many patients and doctors are very concerned about the rare side effects of drug treatment, so they are not willing to take medication for osteoporosis"

The biggest challenge for clinicians, Dr. McClung says, is how to turn the available clinical science on osteoporosis into a routine basis for routine clinical treatment.

Dr. McClung said: "for the treatment of osteoporosis, endocrinologist is more professional, but we need to seize the opportunity to help our clinical colleagues more convenient to control the situation of their patients. We need to share the experience of testing and treatment in the guidelines, and provide a clear view of the link between the benefits of treatment and the risk of rare.



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