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Health experts and nutritionists found in a large number of investigationsThe longevity of the elderly diet has ten hobbiesFirst, like porri


Health experts and nutritionists found in a large number of investigations

The longevity of the elderly diet has ten hobbies

First, like porridge

From eating habits to see the longevity of the elderly do not like to drink porridge. Famous economist Ma Yinchu and his wife, Zhang Guijun, both husband and wife are centenarians, the two people in particular like porridge. Every morning, take 50 grams of oatmeal, add 250 grams of boiling water, brew 2 minutes into porridge. Every day, never stop. Shanghai 100 year old Mr. Su Juxian, three meals a day to drink rice porridge, sooner or later to drink gruel, drink a little thick porridge, every meal ration is a shallow bowl, has formed a habit. They said: "drink porridge comfortable, beneficial to the body."

The ancient physicians and health experts for the elderly are very high recommended porridge. "With interest in the diet," said: porridge for the world's first nourishing food." The porridge is easy to digest and absorb, and can stomach, spleen, lung, run down. The family health Cao Cishan said: "the elderly, there was an eclipse porridge, regardless of meal, can also be strong, good old age." He prepared the porridge spectrum hundred species, for old selection, welcomed by the elderly.

Two, millet is the best tonic for the elderly

The old favorite millet, millet as the best tonic jiapin. Millet is millet grain after peeling, there has always been the "grain millet led" reputation. Frail elderly people often millet tonic body. Chinese medicine believes that millet benefit the five internal organs, thick stomach, filling fluid, strong bones, long muscle. In Qing Dynasty, a famous doctor said: "most people millet. Boil rice porridge rice oil better than ginseng soup." Visible, longevity like rice is very reasonable.

Three, pearl corn as staple food

Corn, corn, corn, alias pearl jade, with rice and wheat are known as the world's three largest crop, is recognized worldwide as the "golden crop", the staple food is the longevity of the elderly cannot do without. A survey by the American Medical Association found that Native Americans in the United States did not have a high blood pressure, none of them had a hardening of the arteries. It was eating the old corn. The researchers found that the old corn contains a large number of lecithin, linoleic acid, corn alcohol, vitamin E, it is not easy to develop high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. From the longevity of the elderly physique, they rarely have high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, which is closely related to their eating corn as staple food.

Four, a pound of milk every day

Milk is a common habit of the longevity of the elderly, especially those living in the city of longevity is such.

It is said that the United States has 25000 centenarians, 80% of them women, their diet is generally milk. The United States is saying: "milk to make bones strong." Centenarians in Benin, drink two cups of milk every day, sometimes drink more, so she went to the 100 year old, still no signs of osteoporosis.

Milk nutrition is more comprehensive. The content of lysine in milk is high, the content of cholesterol is low, and the carbohydrate is lactose, which can be transformed into lactic acid in the intestine. Milk calcium is very rich, the absorption rate is also high, also contain more vitamin A, D and riboflavin, which is necessary and beneficial for old people.

Milk is fermented to make cheese, cheese can prevent dental caries. Yogurt can reduce cholesterol, so drink yogurt is not easy for people suffering from cardiovascular disease, can improve eyesight, solid teeth, to prevent cell aging.

Five, eat an egg every day

Eat an egg every day has become a common habit of longevity.

Centenarians, famous economist Dr. Chen Hansheng according to the arrangement of the daily diet nutrition, adhere to the "three": "eat an egg in the morning, at night to drink a cup of milk, eat a big apple in the middle." He eat three meals a day, eat less meat, eat a diet of science, health.

Nutritionists, egg white contains a lot of water, protein. Egg white protein is rich in amino acids, and the composition is very suitable for the needs of the human body, the protein in the human body the highest utilization. Repair effect of egg white protein on liver tissue injury. Egg yolk lecithin can promote the regeneration of liver cells, but also can improve the body's plasma protein, enhance the body's metabolic function and immunity. Lecithin is digested by the human body, can release choline, choline can improve memory. Egg yolk contains inorganic salts, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins are relatively rich. Eggs contain large amounts of cholesterol, fat is a saturated fatty acid. Eat eggs too much, will greatly increase the intake of cholesterol, will cause atherosclerosis and cardiovascular damage, and increase the burden of liver and kidney. So eat 1 or 2 a day. Old people never eat much.

Six, preference for sweet potato

Eat sweet potato is a good long life of the elderly.

The old man said: "sweet potato is a treasure, not from time." Medical research, sweet potato has five major effects: 1 and blood filling, rich nutrition; 2 wide intestinal ventilation, promote defecation; 3 Yiqi, enhance immunity; 4 containing anti-cancer anti-cancer substances, can resist aging; 5, to prevent arteriosclerosis. Medical experts say, sweet potato contains a large number of mucin, it can prevent the liver and kidney connective tissue atrophy, so that the body immunity. The invention also has the function of eliminating active oxygen, and avoids the oxygen induced cancer. Because of more calcium and magnesium in sweet potato, it can prevent osteoporosis. Thus, the sweet potato diet for the longevity of the elderly is worthy of a treasure.

Seven, tofu is the old favorite food

Old people generally love to eat tofu. They said: "fish fire, meat, phlegm, cabbage tofu peace." "With interest in the diet spectrum" said: "everywhere can create wealth, you easily, inquiry majority leader also vegetarian. Also in meat dishes. Winter cold flavor is beautiful."

Tofu is mainly composed of protein and isoflavones. Tofu has the effect of replenishing qi, tonifying Qi, reducing blood lead levels, protect the liver, to promote the body's metabolism, eating tofu is conducive to health and mental development. The elderly often eat tofu for vascular sclerosis, osteoporosis and other diseases have a good therapeutic effect.

Eight, love Chinese Cabbage

Chinese cabbage, ordinary food, old people, favorite. Delicious, Hunsu safe, winter vegetable, Chinese painting master Mr. Qi Baishi, there is a map of Chinese cabbage cabbage on specially, only as "the king of vegetables", and like a hundred dishes as cabbage".

The old man often say: "eat cabbage for half a year, the doctor to enjoy leisure." Therefore, to prevent disease and prolong life often eat cabbage. Chinese cabbage contains minerals, vitamins, protein, crude fiber, carotene, also contains the decomposition of carcinogenic nitrosamines. From the medicinal effect of Chinese cabbage, stomach, intestines, and a hangover, convenient, lipid-lowering, heat, anti-cancer efficacy of seven.

Nine, the winter radish

Longevity of the elderly diet in the winter radish. They said: "eat carrots in the winter, eat ginger in the summer, all the year round." One of Yangzhou's eight odd Zheng Banqiao wrote a couplet: "vegetables, radish, brown rice, tin pot Tianshui chrysanthemum tea." "Turnip tea" is a way of keeping good health Mr. Zheng lao.

Radish contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, no fat. Contains mustard oil and amylase can promote appetite and help digestion The new supersedes the old..

Turnip is a healthy old man food. Chinese medicine believes that it can stagnation, digestion, treatment of phlegm cough aphonia, hematemesis, epistaxis, treatment of diabetes, dysentery, dispelling headaches, diuresis; raw can clear heat, thirst, phlegm and antiasthmatic and help digestion; eat steamed can Xiaoshi spleen replenishing effect, and.

"Turnip tea". Eat radish, drink tea, can eliminate heat, dispelling stasis heat toxin in the gas, and has good effect on the recovery of jingqishen. Radish and meat stew, taste is also very good. But can not eat with ginseng, orange...

Ten, the carrot is the old favorite

Carrot is also the elderly like the heart of love.

Carrots contain high levels of vitamin A and are rich in carotene. Studies have shown that carrots can provide a variety of nutrients needed to fight heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

Carotene at high temperatures rarely damage, easily absorbed, and then converted into vitamin A, so can the treatment due to lack of vitamin A caused by night blindness and dry eye syndrome. Carotene can only be dissolved in the oil to be absorbed by the body. Therefore, the experienced old man often cut carrot slices or silk fried with oil, so carotene preservation rate can reach more than 79%, fried slice, carotene retention rate was 81%, and slices of meat stewed with carotene, the preservation rate of up to 95%.

Carrots also promote brain material exchange, enhance memory function. Eat a dish of fried carrots before reading, help to consolidate the memory ~!

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