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In the last issue we talked about the dangers of osteoporosis, how can we prevent osteoporosis? First, we first understand the common sympto


In the last issue we talked about the dangers of osteoporosis, how can we prevent osteoporosis? First, we first understand the common symptoms of osteoporosis 1, the most common symptoms of pain in primary osteoporosis, with low back pain, accounting for 70%-80%. The spine pain spread to the sides, supine or sitting upright to alleviate pain, pain or long extension, sedentary, day light pain, aggravated at night and wake up in the morning, aggravated stoop, muscle movement, cough, defecate exertion. 2, shorten the length, in pain after the hump. The spine is almost in front of cancellous bone, and this part is the pillar of the body, negative weight, easy deformation, so that the spine forward, dorsiflexion intensifies, kyphosis, increase with age, osteoporosis increased, resulting in increased knee hump curvature, with significant. 3. This is the most common and severe complication of degenerative osteoporosis. 4, decline in respiratory function of thoracic and lumbar compression fracture, spine bending, thoracic deformity, the vital capacity and the maximum ventilation volume was significantly reduced, patients often can appear chest tightness, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties and other symptoms. Two, when it comes to this, readers will ask, in addition to the symptoms of osteoporosis can not be checked out through the instrument? The following categories: 1, check the serum calcium, phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase in primary osteoporosis, serum calcium, phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase levels are usually normal, a few months after fracture can increase the level of alkaline phosphatase. 2. Parathyroid hormone should be examined in the treatment of secondary osteoporosis except parathyroid function. The level of serum parathyroid hormone in patients with primary osteoporosis may be normal or elevated. 3, for patients with local symptoms should be the location of the lesion X-ray film, even if there is no spinal symptoms of patients should also be taken to the side of the piece, so as not to miss vertebral fractures. The X-ray can be found in fracture and other diseases, such as osteoarthritis, lumbar disc disease and spondylolisthesis. Osteopenia (low bone density) taken when bone brightness increased, decreased trabecular bone and the gap widened, transverse trabecular bone structure disappeared, fuzzy, but usually takes 30% or above in order to decrease bone mass was observed. Generally visible due to intervertebral disc degeneration caused by vertebral vertebral collapse is biconcave deformation, wedging, or compression fractures, common in eleventh, 12 and first, 2 lumbar vertebrae. 4. Bone mineral density was the best predictor of bone fracture. Measuring the bone mineral density at each site can be used to assess the overall risk of fracture; measuring the specific site of bone mineral density can predict the risk of local fracture. 5, dual energy X- line absorption method (DXA), accept less radiation, relatively cheap, and repeatability is higher than QCT, can be used for adults and children. Can determine the spine and hip BMD, can be regarded as the standard method for the determination of BMD, however there DXA correction value difference. The use of the same machine is recommended for continuous follow-up of patients with BMD. Factors affecting the determination of DXA with spine fracture, spine osteophyte and aortic calcification in abroad. Peripheral DXA can be used to determine the BMD of the wrist joint. 6. Quantitative ultrasound (Quantitative ultra sound, US) of calcaneus can be used for routine screening, the method is low cost, portable and no ionizing radiation. For doctors, the diagnosis of osteoporosis depends on the comprehensive analysis of clinical manifestations, bone mass measurement, X-ray film and bone turnover biochemical indicators. Therefore, once you have these symptoms, you need to go to a regular hospital doctor for your diagnosis and treatment. Three, for the prevention of osteoporosis, the different groups should take corresponding measures to the 1 general population, osteoporosis prevention should start from childhood, although osteoporosis is a disease of the elderly, but this only refers to the onset of the disease in the old age, the related causes from childhood the potential. Malnutrition and lack of physical exercise at any time of life can increase the risk of osteoporosis. Childhood and adolescence are the key stages of bone development, the bone mineral density of more than 90% of the peak bone mass can be obtained before the age of about 20, the highest bone mass of the age of 30 years, called the peak bone". It is the key to achieve the best and the best peak bone mass and prevent the loss of bone mineral. Although the peak bone height of 70% ~ 80% is subject to genetic factors, but there are still 20% to 30% depending on the environmental factors. The results show that the reasonable diet and physical exercise are beneficial to the storage of bone mineral and to establish the peak value of bone. Therefore, we should start from childhood eating high calcium foods such as dairy products, soy products, fish, shrimp, mushrooms, fungus, green leafy vegetables and the amount of protein. At the same time pay attention to receive enough sunlight and appropriate vitamin D supplement, to promote the absorption of calcium. A healthy lifestyle helps bones, lifestyle and habits are the main risk of exacerbation of primary and secondary osteoporosis factors, including excessive smoking, heavy drinking, excessive drinking coffee and carbonated beverages, can increase the excretion of calcium, calcium dissolution, reduced bone mineral content finally, lead to osteoporosis. In daily life, some women pursue slim figure and limit food to lose weight, cause a variety of nutrients in the body, the lack of bone metabolism disorders. This is due to the reduction of adipose tissue, adipose tissue within a single pill is also reduced, through the conversion of the role of estrogen deficiency. Therefore, the thin female subcutaneous adipose tissue is less, estrogen is low, and thus more likely to lead to osteoporosis. In addition, the modern people go out by car, up and down the elevator, significantly reduced the amount of exercise, walking and weight-bearing exercise rarely, resulting in a significant decline in the peak bone mass, bone loss accelerated. Because exercise can make the muscles, exercise and muscle can produce a direct mechanical effect on the bones, so that the bones strong, from fracture. Here, experts advise people to quit alcohol limit, amount of tea and coffee, do not drink carbonated beverages, attention to a balanced diet. At the same time promote public actively participate in the exercise, running, walking, stair climbing, swimming, rope skipping, shuttlecock and other activities, in order to improve the peak bone mass, build a strong physique. 2, high-risk groups for the previous period referred to at high risk of osteoporosis, and attach great importance to the special care, in addition to the above method need to take protective measures of bone. According to the characteristics and individual differences of different groups, given different prevention measures, the conditions of their regular bone mineral density measurement, on the basis of bone mineral loss amount and loss rate, supplemented with calcium and vitamin D, as well as the amount of estrogen replacement therapy. At the same time, this part of the elderly, regular physical examination is essential, if early detection of related diseases can be nipped in the bud, to avoid hurt the bones. Got osteoporosis should be treated and eating it, the next will introduce.



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