Eating habits can lead to osteoporosis?

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It is now known that some dietary intake of nutrients is associated with the occurrence of osteoporosis:1, calcium and bone are closely rela


It is now known that some dietary intake of nutrients is associated with the occurrence of osteoporosis:

1, calcium and bone are closely related. From birth to adulthood, the skeletal development of the human body is experienced in infancy, childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood, in which infancy and adolescence are the fastest growing periods of bone mass. The key period of increase in these bone if calcium deficiency, for the greatest peak bone mass will have an extremely adverse impact.

2, the long-term lack of protein in the diet, will directly affect the synthesis of cartilage cells and bone marrow stromal cells, and long-term intake of too much protein, and will increase the risk of kidney filtration and reduce the reabsorption of calcium.

3, long-term high salt diet will also increase urinary calcium excretion.

4. The proportion of women with long - term smoking increases after menopause. Nicotine can promote bone resorption and inhibit bone formation, but also has a direct effect on the synthesis and decomposition of estrogen.

5, excessive caffeine beverage also has to promote bone absorption, reduce intestinal calcium absorption and calcium salt in the role of bone deposition, its mild diuretic effect will increase urinary calcium excretion.

6, the inflatable carbonated drinks in almost no nutrients, to a certain extent affect people's bone health. Most carbonated drinks contain phosphoric acid, a large amount of phosphoric acid intake will affect the absorption of calcium, calcium and phosphorus imbalance. Teens who drink a lot of carbonated drinks are 3 times more likely to have a fracture than others. Because pregnant women prone to calcium deficiency during pregnancy, so it should try to drink carbonated beverages.

7, long-term alcoholics may cause liver damage, the effects of vitamin D alcohol metabolism, reduce the intestinal absorption of calcium and vitamin D and direct inhibition of osteoblasts and osteoporosis.

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