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[Video] Street Mining: you know what calcium in food? Milk, tofu, bone soup, do not know...... Including the right and wrong answersGood lif


[Video] Street Mining: you know what calcium in food? Milk, tofu, bone soup, do not know...... Including the right and wrong answers

Good life, healthy every day, welcome to the "punctuation health", Hello, I am the host Lu Guoyu. In yesterday's program, we understand the cause and harm of the many osteoporosis, although osteoporosis is every one of us to an aging disease in senile phase can not be avoided but we don't have to talk about the color, start from the daily life of some subtle, you will be able to harvest more healthy bones. So how do we strengthen our bones? Today we will talk about the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis from the daily diet. Please have guests today, the Department of endocrinology of Jiangsu Province People's Hospital chief physician he wei.


He Wei

Department of Endocrinology, Jiangsu Province People's Hospital, chief physician

Clinical work for more than 20 years, specializes in endocrine metabolic diseases, especially the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

Part 1: Ca

[host] what director, Hello, when it comes to osteoporosis, we think of the loss of calcium, yesterday's program also talked about, I would also like to ask, this calcium in our bones accounted for the proportion of how much?

Calcium is a very important element in the human body, accounting for 2% of body weight. About 99.3% of the calcium in the human body exists in the bone tissue, and the other is located in the blood and extracellular fluid, about 0.6% of which is distributed in the cell. So the skeleton is a calcium pool. From the bone, the bone tissue in the inorganic matter accounted for 80%, including calcium, phosphorus, organic matter, mainly protein 20%

[host] we also know that infants and young children, adolescents, the elderly, postmenopausal women, and pregnant women are particularly in need of calcium crowd, but it seems that different groups of calcium content is not the same, this is not a standard?

[experts] there are differences in the standards of the various groups, the Chinese Nutrition Society has such a recommendation, and now people do not exceed 400 mg of calcium intake, far from the recommended amount. Calcium is important. (experts explain photo)

People Chinese Nutrition Society recommended calcium

Less than 50 years of age of 800 mg

More than 50 years of age of 1000 mg

Maternal 1200~1500 mg

[] you just said our country host of calcium deficiency is more obvious, what is the good supplement method?

[Methods] a lot of calcium experts, divided into food and drug supplement, there is a general principle, it is easy to absorb calcium. ""

[host] we all know, many things are calcium rich, but what specific high calcium content many people may also be unclear, so, here is a chart, we see


calcium content

(mg / 100g)


calcium content

(mg / 100g)


Nine hundred and ninety-one


One hundred and twelve


Seven hundred and ninety-nine


One hundred and eight


Seven hundred and thirteen

Milk, hazelnut

One hundred and four

Kelp (dry)

Three hundred and forty-eight


One hundred and one


Two hundred and ninety-four

Green vegetables


Peanut meat

Two hundred and eighty-four




Two hundred and sixty-four




Two hundred and forty-seven

Beans (dry)


Bean curd

One hundred and sixty-four



Black soya bean

Two hundred and twenty-four



Green soya beans

Two hundred

Garden radish



One hundred and ninety-five




One hundred and ninety-one

Breast milk


shrimp meat

One hundred and ninety





Cattle, sheep, chicken


[with] experts explain

[experts] milk, yogurt, cheese (milk calcium: phosphorus ratio for =2:1. Contains protein, lactose, help calcium absorption

Every one hundred grams of milk contains 104 milligrams of calcium, according to 50 people over the age of the recommended amount of calcium: 1000mg/, daily 500ml milk, calcium can reach 1/2

Cheese is the best.

[] host it seems just short, there are still people who answered the. In our daily life to drink milk, you have what special attention?

[expert] the effect of milk drink is better

Low fat than pure milk, fat will hinder the absorption of calcium

The first eat staple food (milk and cookies, Steamed Buns), slows gastric emptying, help calcium and protein absorption.

Too much protein is not conducive to the absorption of calcium, one for calcium, extreme milk when drinking water, a study showed that: more than 750 mL of milk protein, excess calcium from urine loss increased.

[host] protein is one of the essential nutrients for the human body, how should we treat the protein correctly?

[experts] protein is not a disadvantage, but need attention. Proteins constitute the basic material of the organic matrix of the skeleton, and the amino acids in the protein contribute to the absorption of calcium.

Long term lack of protein can lead to an increase in bone loss in the elderly, especially in elderly people with low body weight.

With age, the decrease in muscle mass is associated with decreased bone mass in older adults. The elderly should be appropriate to increase protein intake.

Some weight loss, high blood lipids, high blood sugar, protein intake is not conducive to good health.

The second part: VD, VK

[] just what the host director recommend us some high calcium foods, you also mentioned earlier, calcium is the principle of calcium, easy to absorb, what are the reasons will affect the absorption of calcium?

[expert] the insoluble salts of phytic acid, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid and calcium in food

(spinach, amaranth, bamboo, bamboo shoots) (how to avoid: blanch is possible)

Dietary fiber contains a variety of acidic groups such as uronic acid and calcium ions into complex;

(some old people over the pursuit of coarse grains such as high fiber food)

[moderator] when it comes to calcium absorption of food, there are some of us here will steal your calcium food, we look at. Figure: liquor, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea

[experts] alcohol can inhibit the liver in the conversion of vitamin D active state of the enzyme to reduce the absorption of calcium

Caffeine induced osteoclasts and osteoblasts

Carbonated drinks, tea (diuretic, resulting in protein loss)

In addition, eating too much salt has an adverse effect on osteoporosis. Eat salty, promote the excretion of urinary calcium, the study showed that: more intake of sodium 300mg (about 1g salt), urinary calcium loss increased by 50mg, increase the risk of osteoporosis.

[] when it comes to host carbonated drinks and coffee, carbonated drinks drink do not drink, but the coffee is a lot of people love to drink for ten minutes, and many commuters to pick me up, but also cannot do without it, there is no what harm reduction method?

[] each expert drink carbonated soft drinks a bottle of 250 ml 150 ml or two cups of coffee, it should add half a bag of milk (100 mg of calcium).

[moderator] in addition to what we just said, what factors will affect the absorption of calcium?

[expert] first is VD. Vitamin D promotes intestinal calcium absorption in different periods of human intestinal calcium absorption rate is different: usually adult Intestines on dietary calcium absorption rate is about 40% children and pregnant women; absorption rate can be as high as 50% or 60%; the elderly is only 20% ~ 30% or less. The main source of vitamin D for the skin after receiving their own synthesis of light, but the skin of the elderly the ability to synthesize vitamin D is only 30% of young people, and the lack of light, vitamin D can not meet the physiological needs. The elderly due to liver and kidney function, activation of vitamin D function also decreased, should pay more attention to.

[host] how should we get vitamin D?

Sunlight: it is very beneficial to the bones in the sun

90% the sun must be straight, the glass is not valid (tell the story: not to the sun in patients with cancellous bone)

Food: food containing VD (IU/100g) (best recommended)

Fish: a fish n Ji bonito (4800) herring (1900) salmon (1600)

Egg: egg, quail egg (230) (100)

Milk: milk (13), cheese (24)

Mushrooms: letinous edodes (840), pine mushroom, mushroom (140) (100)

Livestock: pork (32)

[moderator] in addition to vitamin D, there is nothing else to improve osteoporosis?

[Abstract] VK is a coenzyme in the formation of two major bone proteins (osteocalcin, matrix glutamate). The results show that the risk of osteoporosis is increased when VK is low.

No matter how much calcium intake of the human body, or the use of vitamin D to absorb more calcium into the body, but if the lack of vitamin K will be locked in the bone matrix, then the intake of calcium can not be used effectively.

The main function of vitamin K, is to assist the activation of bone cells of the human body, increase the binding force of bone and calcium, the effective form to increase bone density and osteocalcin, strengthen bones, help slow osteoporosis. 90 to 120 mcg / person / day

[moderator] in general what kind of situation we will lack vitamin K? How should we add VK?

[] what expert people easily lack VK, VK rich rich foods: green leafy vegetables: lettuce leaves, coriander, chrysanthemum, lettuce and other map

The third part: you ask me answer

Drink bone soup 1, every day can calcium?

Answer: done such an experiment: add 5 kg of water with 5 kg of pig bones, boil for 10 hours in a pressure cooker, the calcium content of bone soup in a bowl of not more than 10 mg, and also a bowl of milk in calcium content reached more than and 200 mg, and bone soup dissolved a lot of fat in the bone it can cause other health problems.

2, I always pay attention to calcium, physical examination of blood calcium is not low, why would loose bone?

Answer: every adult conversion bone for 250 800mg, thus, calcium was measured to detect whether calcium is not appropriate. Because the human body through a variety of means to regulate the use of the body's largest pool of calcium - calcium in the bones, to ensure that the calcium in the blood constant.

3, heard that calcium should be more than the sun, but the sun is easy to become black, the sun much even redness, peeling, how should I do? You can open an umbrella? Can you wear sunscreen or UV protection?

Answer: not an umbrella, wear protective clothing

More than SPF8 sunscreen, it will affect the synthesis of vitamin D......

4, milk, calcium supplements in a day what time is the most effective?

Answer: after a meal to eat better, have gastric acid, promote the absorption of calcium (calcium soluble in acidic solution, so with fruit, fruit juice, lactic acid, amino acid equivalent service can promote the absorption of calcium)

Night to eat calcium better (calcium absorption is better, easy to lose calcium at night)

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