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There are three ways to treat hyperthyroidism, oral antithyroid drug therapy, isotope therapy and surgical treatment. Iodine 131 therapy als


There are three ways to treat hyperthyroidism, oral antithyroid drug therapy, isotope therapy and surgical treatment. Iodine 131 therapy also called isotope therapy with iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism has been more than half a century of history, since 1942, first used this method to treat patients with hyperthyroidism, universal iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism patients has reached 3 million, China has been more than 30 hyperthyroidism patients received iodine 131 treatment. Iodine 131 is an ideal method for the treatment of hyperthyroidism. Iodine is human thyroid hormone synthesis in food raw materials, iodine by intestinal absorption into the blood, when they were almost entirely by thyroid thyroid uptake, with urine and fecal excretion of the rest, is the use of the principle of iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism thyroid enlargement, local blood flow is very rich. At this time, the ability of the thyroid iodine uptake and use it to the synthesis of thyroid hormones is hyperactive, so when patients with hyperthyroidism after oral iodine 131, his thyroid would quickly the iodine intake of 131 thyroid cells, and 131 iodine can emit beta rays, its range is only 2 mm, so 131 iodine can only destroy thyroid irradiation the organization without affecting the surrounding tissue, the equivalent method of surgical resection of thyroid tissue. It is with such a good treatment of hyperthyroidism, has now rarely used surgical treatment of hyperthyroidism, unless there is a clear indication of surgery. What are the advantages of iodine 131 treatment compared with oral antithyroid drugs? Has the following advantages: first, the cure rate is high, iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism cure rate of more than 85%, oral antithyroid drug treatment cure rate is only 60%. Second, the recurrence rate is low, iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism rarely relapse, oral administration of antithyroid drugs cure recurrence rate as high as 30%-40%. Third, cure quickly, iodine 131 treatment after half a month to take effect in January, a significant improvement in the three months, six months can be cured; and oral antithyroid drugs often have to be treated for more than 2 years or longer. Fourth, easy treatment, once again taking medication, no need after treatment; oral anti thyroid drugs should check regularly. Fifth, low treatment cost, one input. In addition, iodine 131 treatment is also very safe, does not increase the incidence of cancer, does not affect fertility. Then the iodine 131 treatment and contraindications indications of what? Iodine 131 treatment indications continue to expand in recent years, in addition to absolute contraindications are the indications. The absolute contraindications include pregnant and lactating women, acute myocardial infarction, severe renal dysfunction. Those with liver function damage, white blood cell reduction, antithyroid drug treatment after relapse, recurrence after surgery, drug treatment of allergic patients is particularly suitable for this treatment. Of course, iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism have shortcomings, that is less occurs in patients with hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism. Now that the iodine 131 after treatment of early hypothyroidism and autoimmune and the dosage is too large. I want to do this for the patients to choose the best regular large hospitals, to improve the iodine uptake rate of thyroid and thyroid scan in order to precisely calculate the dosage before treatment, can cure hyperthyroidism and reduce the incidence of hypothyroidism. Over the past three years, hospitals have been successfully cured by iodine 131 1000, the cure rate is above 85%, the first year of the hypothyroidism rate below 10%. Of course, hypothyroidism is not terrible, only hypothyroidism occurred in long-term thyroid hormone replacement therapy can replace normal without any harm, the drug price is very cheap.



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