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< DIV img_article" > media reportA review of the treatment of -131 in patients with hyperthyroidism in the United StatesSome pati


< DIV img_article" > media report

A review of the treatment of -131 in patients with hyperthyroidism in the United States

Some patients with hyperthyroidism have been antithyroid drug therapy, but the effect is relatively poor, relapse, suffering from disease, physical and mental fatigue. Some patients do not know hyperthyroidism iodine -131 treatment, or refused to change the concept of receiving iodine -131 treatment of hyperthyroidism. The following treatment of patients, from the perspective of the patient to give inspiration and reference.

I am now in the United States, had a period of hyperthyroidism, in the United States to do iodine -131 treatment. I found the understanding to iodine -131 with the United States and Western medicine is completely different, Xiehe Hospital and 307 Hospital the best doctor (and I also met my parents friends for a private meeting with the), so I want to here and share my experience, but also to do iodine -131 treatment some friends hope you useful information.

I was 1 months ago to check out hyperthyroidism, eating for 2 weeks of propranolol, before any treatment of hyperthyroidism (TAPAZOL), a class of drug taking history, eating iodine -131 capsules 1 weeks ago. Well, ha ha!

First of all, -131 is the 100% cause of iodine hypothyroidism, Chinese the most authoritative endocrinologist and I said so, but the doctor China was relatively conservative, so some people soon hypothyroidism, some 10 years after the beginning of reduction, some 20 years later, and so on. Doctors in the United States directly and I said I'm taking hormone tablets in life, because the doctor measurement is relatively large, so basically 1, 2 years of the hypothyroidism. In some later hypothyroidism patients suspected of medical ethics should not be quite what. In fact, I personally feel that the measurement size does not matter, Americans feel that since every morning and evening or early hypothyroidism, let the body adapt to the state, and then check, adjust the amount of thyroxine. China doctors felt a conservative, but if the amount is too conservative so many people take a single iodine 131 cannot be completely cured, but 2 times, 3 times the use of iodine -131, but in the end will lead to hypothyroidism. But hypothyroidism is not terrible, even in the United States hypothyroidism cured, because the risk is more and more low than hyperthyroidism.

By the way and we talk about Americans in the treatment of hyperthyroidism, the doctor will take medicine and patients said that the possibility of recurrence is very high, only 20% to 30% of the people will treat (about 2 and a half years), most people will relapse, even if you pay attention, be careful, or very easy to relapse. In particular, women are not born, almost in pregnancy is bound to relapse, then to take medication to control. Therefore, most of the United States will choose to do iodine -131, because the regular examination is also a psychological and physical torture. Another important point is that if you are pregnant, doctors in the United States generally recommended iodine -131. American Medical generally believe that even if the PTU is pregnant when medication has a certain risk, even if the child is born healthy, IQ of children than the normal low 10 points. So if you're ready to get pregnant, almost all Americans are getting -131 first.

Second, the American doctor talked to me for nearly 3 hours before I did the treatment, lifting all my worries and concerns, and they told me that the technology was very mature for decades. Two of the most concerned about the issue of the 1 will not affect the pregnancy and pregnancy? The risk is the same as normal pregnant women. 2, will be more likely to get cancer? They tell me that risk is the same as healthy people. I also asked will not affect the life, they told me not (free of all doubt, I have health insurance, very cheap, that they are not in order to earn money to let me do medicine than iodine iodine -131, -131 is also expensive). And I also like the metaphor that their possessions no food to buy food to eat, promptly taking hormone tablets as ordinary people, there is no need to worry about.

Maybe we are concerned about the Chinese doctor gave me advice, I met a total of 4 doctors (I do not say the name is basically the most authoritative), the 2 Concord, the 2 nuclear medical doctor. The 3 suggested that I use iodine -131, there is a doctor that I can not take medicine, but do not oppose iodine -131.

Third, the iodine -131 after taking most of the people can not feel what, 20% people will have a worse, I see a lot of people don't know, or ignore this, think oneself is very poor, in fact, is completely normal, generally 2 weeks later will be good, or slower to 4 weeks to think the most comfortable, but 8 weeks should have a good feeling. I now feel weak, and then very sick, but today has not been too much feeling, is a little tired after the event.

Well, probably on these, we hope to be useful. I have sick patients in the United States, we are very optimistic, I hope it can be useful to you, for more confidence, sincerely hope that we can get better! :)

The American side is continuing to do the check, see what time to start, reducing immediately eat hormone tablets, then the levels of the thyroid gland all normal ah, but it is recommended to check (once every 1 years or so) to adjust the dose of thyroxine tablets.

So hypothyroidism is temporary (the United States is currently very short 1 months to check me once, so is the hypothyroidism at most 1 months will be found) - because you will always be the doctor observed, reduced immediately after eating replacement thyroxine, eat after just like normal completely. Ah!!! But the thyroxine tablets every day to eat, and the secretion of thyroxine and is exactly the same, the only drawback is that your body needs is the amount of change with age and life changes, how much we need and we can not calculate very accurate, so half a carrier to go to the hospital to see currently taking the amount is appropriate.

Permanent hypothyroidism that is completely not taking any replacement thyroxine tablets under the condition, but basically people -131 after iodine hypothyroidism, America is iodine after -131 began to take thyroxine tablets, unless you do not eat (but no one will not eat?!) But the American medicine and human thyroxine secretion is the same, without any side effects, like we eat the same food, than the perennial drug damage to the body can be completely no way than.

I've looked all over the English language about the disease and the treatment and the like, even if it can be of some help. There is not enough understanding of iodine -131 in most areas of china. The disease is not terrible ah, the United States here are iodine -131 treatment, and then take thyroxine tablets, do not take this as a disease. So I hope everyone can be optimistic.

In the United States to prepare for pregnancy (such as me, 24 this year, intends to be pregnant within 2 years) are first iodine -131 treatment before pregnancy. It can be said if you are pregnant then iodine -131 is the first choice for treatment is not easy to relapse, especially the hormone levels change when pregnant are more likely to relapse, the little side edges of pregnancy medication, because doctors think that taking medication during pregnancy will not let the children of fetal malformations, but how much intelligence or some impact although not retarded, although it is a healthy baby, but not very clever. General iodine -131 six months later became pregnant to a doctor, some conservative point of the proposed pregnancy after 1 years (of course is to always eat thyroxine tablets, thyroxine tablets is not drugs, only in the form of tablets to supplement our body produces thyroid hormone, take a lifetime like to eat like life, without side effects. And very cheap).

Now the domestic use of iodine -131 people are more and more, the domestic technology has been more mature, especially in big cities, thousands of thousands of cases every year, so we should do a good job in the country.

I find that there are differences between Chinese culture and Western culture. Chinese relatively conservative, because the medication is well adjusted, and iodine -131, do life-long hypothyroidism, should take thyroxine replacement, feel like a lifetime of medicine. In fact, eat this as we eat every day, like the body can not produce so many hormones, the external plus some. In fact, this is the cultural differences. Chinese people prefer to take medicine pregnant do not do this look at the concept of iodine -131., huh, huh, huh, huh.

- reprinted in the Chinese Medical Association nuclear medicine branch website

Two sand endocrine family physician online medical committee of Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital expert Tang Xianyu, deputy director of the secretion of micro signal: neifenmitangxianyu

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