Radioiodine therapy in 131 patients with hyperthyroidism

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      patients with hyperthyroidism in not taking antithyroid drug therapy or against drug allergy or hyperthyroidism, hypert


      patients with hyperthyroidism in not taking antithyroid drug therapy or against drug allergy or hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism relapse, or hyperthyroidism during pregnancy, or have contraindications to surgery, use of radioactive iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism, radioiodine treatment principle is: with highly selective thyroid function uptake of iodine 131, patients with hyperthyroidism thyroid iodine 131 higher than that of normal people. The 131 most concentrated iodine after oral administration in the thyroid, the release of beta ray in thyroid within the range of only 2 mm, almost entirely by thyroid tissue absorption, the absorbed energy can destroy the hyperthyroidism group, to achieve the purpose of treatment of thyroid tissue, no adverse effect. Because the effect of iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism and surgery is similar, it is called bloodless surgery". Iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism has 50 years of history, 1 million 500 thousand cases of treatment all over the world, more than 100 thousand of the domestic, because of the good curative effect, simple and safe, less complications, low cost, more and more patients have been regarded as the preferred treatment of hyperthyroidism. In the most developed in the United States, nearly 80% of hyperthyroidism patients with radionuclide iodine treatment of 131.

        radioactive iodine 131 before treatment to disable iodine containing foods and drugs for more than two weeks, and the discontinuation of anti thyroid drugs for more than three days, taking iodine before fasting. Iodine 131 should be fasting oral, after taking iodine for two hours before eating, so as not to affect the absorption of iodine, the amount of treatment can be given a full dose of or interval of two times to complete the service 5-7 talent. After the first iodine 131 treatment, if not cured, can be carried out second times or even multiple treatment. A few patients after the first iodine 131 treatment if goiter and hyperthyroidism symptoms are still very obvious, the interval of treatment can be shortened to 3 months.

      hyperthyroidism radioiodine 131 treatment can occur: a common reaction of the digestive system, such as anorexia, nausea, vomiting, etc.. Usually after 4-12 hours of treatment, symptomatic treatment and rest for about 36 hours after improvement and disappearance. Local response: mainly due to iodine treatment after 7 ~ 10 days caused by edema and radiation thyroiditis induced by thyroid. The patient has discomfort such as itching, pain, oppression, sore throat, and so on. After a few days to reduce the general, no special treatment. The radioactive sialadenitis: dry mouth, mouth pain, pain and swelling. If you can add enough water, lemonade, hard and sour candy or chewing gum, will be able to promote the secretion of salivary glands, reduce the occurrence of these symptoms. The radiocystitis: due to radioactive iodine mainly by the kidney is excreted in the urine, so drink plenty of water can increase the excretion of urine, not only can reduce the occurrence of cystitis, can also reduce the risk of systemic radiation dose. The hypothyroidism (referred to as hypothyroidism): iodine after treatment, a few patients can have hypothyroidism, can be divided into temporary and permanent two categories, the latter needs levothyroxine replacement therapy for life. Sometimes the infiltrative exophthalmos can aggravate serious malignant exophthalmos, sexual development, such as corneal edema or pain, extraocular muscle movement is restricted or loss of vision, requiring immediate orbital decompression to maintain visual acuity.

        iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism patients, as long as the drink a cup of cold boiling water containing iodine 131. 3 - June can be gradually cured. After the 1 treatment, the total effective rate was above 90%, the recurrence rate was only about 1 - 4%, and the cost was not high. The main disadvantage of iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism may be part of the patient, but as long as the timely examination and treatment of hypothyroidism can be recovered or medication to maintain the normal life and work. When the target of developed countries is 131 iodine hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, thyroxine replacement therapy. Iodine 131 treatment of hyperthyroidism, most patients once effective, but a small number of patients (about 20%) need to repeat treatment or use other methods of treatment.

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