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As we all know, Graves disease hyperthyroidism need to strictly avoid iodine, but not to eat kelp, seaweed and other high iodine food, iodiz


As we all know, Graves disease hyperthyroidism need to strictly avoid iodine, but not to eat kelp, seaweed and other high iodine food, iodized salt should also try to avoid.

Iodine is the main raw material for the manufacture of thyroid hormone, hyperthyroidism demand of iodine by the thyroid is hungry, you give it up iodine, is tantamount to the fire will add fuel to the flames, hyperthyroidism is not easy to control, especially TRaB significantly more susceptible to iodine diet induced hyperthyroidism aggravate or hyperthyroidism is not easy to stabilize.

The nearest clinic also encountered a patient, illness repeatedly, always stable down. Check the TRaB is greater than the maximum value, carefully asked about the other life should pay attention to pay attention, there is no limit of iodized salt. It is said that did not know where to buy non iodized salt.

Linyi salt company has a notice, we can look at the nearest purchase.

Lanshan Salt Company non iodized salt supply outlets

Name address person

Lanshan salt supermarket jinqueshan Road No. 89 Xie Lipeng 8053679

Kyushu building supermarket Jiefang Road 183 Chen Chunai No. 8025079

The building of Yimeng Yimeng Road No. 418 Wang Guina 13954408688

The first supermarket Yitang town resident Zhang Jie 8568917

The first supermarket zhubao town Zhao Yan 8552766

The real small supermarket 12 stores in Jiefang Road 8356498 West Li Fuzhen

A son Dai Qinghai 8610628 City Jinfeng supermarket

Chun GUI supermarket jujube ditch head resident Wang Chungui 8630929

The first supermarket half the town resident Zhang ciirs 8641098

The supermarket is booming Baisha resident Wenying 2910098 Zang Bu

Welcoming many supermarkets Liguan town Du Yongmei 8672369

Luozhuang Salt Co., Ltd. iodine free salt supply outlets

Name address person

Good shopping centre Luozhuang office Gao Hong 8258088

Taoyuan supermarket Luozhuang office Zhao Qin 7100248

Supply and marketing supermarket high office Jiang Liangdong 8972001

The first supermarket ceshan office Xu Shuhui 13583996751

Huang Hailong supermarket office 13925391193

BaoFeng supermarket Tang Zhuang Office Liu Qingbao 13953960929

Hundred peak supermarket horse factory office of the lake 8522364

Forint million shop office Ling Jia Lin Cun bimonthly form 13905396185

Zhang Yongfeng supermarket 7065806

Art shopping plaza Rossi office Gu Qun 15275790882

Hedong Salt Company iodine free salt supply outlets

Name address person

Kyushu Yijia supermarket Hedong District residential resident Street Lee 13805491659

The soup salt supply station Town Center Street Li Fukun 8712671

Liu Dianzi salt supply station town resident Center Street Xu 8731108

Tanghe River salt supply station town resident Zhang Tan Street Song Chunzeng 8866015

Kyushu supermarket store promotion office of the resident 13563965829 ''

Sheng Industry supermarket shop eight eight Lake Town resident Zhou Yunyan 8741016

Hedong District No. 28 Huixin supermarket market resident Peng Shankai 13696391034

Taiping supply and marketing supermarket Taiping Office resident Wu Qingshun 15253925908

Ditch ditch Nature supermarket ditch town Wang Lewen 8876496

The supermarket store Sheng Zheng Wang Zheng Wang Zhen resident Liu Wei 8822088

Dong Mei Town resident Li Xiaolong vanguard supermarket 6017279

Hedong Jingui wholesale supermarket Phoenix Valley office Xu Jingui 8854219

Kyushu supermarket store located on sesame sesame dun dun Qian 13853937086

Tancheng Salt Co., Ltd. iodine free salt supply outlets

Name address person

Liu Hongtao County, Jianshe Road, 2150638

Song Yan County Fulong supermarket unity Road 7151686

Ruifeng town resident Guangrui supermarket peak head horse 655138513583913827

Su fruit supermarket safflower Township resident pine 13695399023

Home and supermarket Yang Town resident Liu Fuwu 650145615065498618

Hualian Supermarket GUI Chang Township resident Wang Wei 657188813905395312

Su fruit supermarket Garden Village resident fan 667799913853986997

Home and supermarket village resident Feng 665237713954979559

Home and supermarket heavy square town resident Liu Hongtao 671129813954930375

Supermarket supply and marketing victory Township resident Xie Yinlei 6731337

Home and supermarket port town resident Zhang kekun 13625392588

Fumanjia supermarket horse town resident Wu Junqing 6777898

Baolong Wholesale Department Temple Town resident Li Baolong 6821336

Supply and marketing supermarket Chu Dun Zhen di Sun al 6701673

Li Xu town supermarket supply and marketing Qinhong 675165013864901059

Supply and marketing supermarket Mount Huangshan town resident treasure copper 6781083

SHUNFA shop sand town resident Lee Yuefa 6761395

Home and supermarket fountain Township resident Feng Xianying 687195213953969226

Cangshan Salt Co., Ltd. iodine free salt supply outlets

Name address person

Salt county Zhongxing Road South, Yuzhi supermarket 5236277

The middle Zhongxing Road Shopping Plaza Zhu Bian Zhuang Zhen Baoqing County Xiangcai 5235098

Da Zhong Cun Shi Shi Quan Da Zhong Cun Song Shiquan 5401153

Lanling town Lanting Pavilion supermarket Lanling town resident Gong Lanting Pavilion 5581299

The Great Wall town wanjifu supermarket the Great Wall town resident Jane song 13615392361

Mill town Xinyuan supermarket mill town resident Wang 5399791

The mountain town of Fenglin mountain town resident Yang Weiwei 5511998 supermarket

To the supermarket to Tiequan town Lu town Lu Tiequan 5451882

Town car network Jinfuyuan supermarket car network town resident Li Jinfu 5431687

Shang Yan Zhen Bai Cai Shang Yan Zhen Zhu Di Jiang Baicai 5481391 supermarket

Nanqiaozhen credit nanqiaozhen resident Ren Chuanqing 5529363 supermarket

Layer layer town resident Zhang Pengfei town supermarket Kay 5481391

The new town of town resident in emerging supermarket insurance insurance 5371028

Wanjifu supermarket Zhuang Zhuang Wu Zhen Wu Zhen Zhu Di Gu Quandong 13468171112

Yi Tang Zhen Jin Yuan Yi Tang Zhen Zhu Di Liu performed by the supermarket 5501398

The new supermarket Jia Zhuang Xiang Jia Zhuang Xiang resident Zhao Guowei 13345095288

Mine Xiang Huiwanjia supermarket pit Township resident Sun Tingfu 5410200

Lu urban and rural areas of the north and south of the supermarket Zhang Huaiyao 5472968

Under the double blessing supermarket under the village village resident Cao Zhaoxing 5110938

Three township three Township resident Zhu Baoqing supermarket Xiangcai 5303387

A supermarket Li Xing Ming Xing Ming Xiang Township resident Mao Yongchao 5381508

The two temple b.friend shopping center two Miao Xiang resident Xu Bangyou 5351345

Feixian County Salt Co., Ltd. iodine free salt supply outlets

Name address person

People supermarket County Jianshe Road Li Xia 7176123

Oriental shopping supermarket county road victory 13053921152

Oriental Supermarket Hedong County town road Sun Zongliang 13256557540

China supermarket County resident Cao Guangyi 13705499655

The guest to the supermarket Xu Ya Township resident Yang Zhongwan 5681778

Wholesale supermarket Zhu Tian Zhen resident Zheng Yunfang 13508993298

The retail store Si Yan Cun resident Liu Xizhu 5758295

Wholesale supermarket Liang Qiu town resident Li Yinru 15163979375

The supply and marketing of shopping malls in Shijing town resident Zhang Fushan 5981369

Supply and marketing supermarket village resident Liu Yuan offer 5961481

Wholesale supermarket in Xinzhuang Town resident solution 5671609

Wholesale supermarket peony Township resident Li Xiutang 15853857105

Supply and marketing supermarket town resident Hou Rongqi 5621897

Civilization wholesale supermarket Xinqiao Town resident Xian interested 5771425

Wang Zhen Tong Station Renqing Jiuzhou supermarket 5951015

Supply and marketing square town resident Sun Xueqing 13864968757

Wholesale supermarket Tanyi town resident Zhang Rusen 5611138

Supply and marketing Liu Zhuang town resident Du Shuai 5641240

Zhu Yuan Xiang Xu Fushan supermarket supply and marketing Station 5851066

Integrity supermarket town resident Wang Guangbin 5812288

Four wholesale supermarket Yang Zhang Township resident Yang Xuequan 5831566

Supermarket supply and marketing Xue Zhuang Zhen Zhu Di Huang Jiang 5871126

Rich supermarket Hu Yang Zhen Zhu Di Guo safety 15965790184

Supermarket supply and Marketing North Township resident jade Ting 5081058 meters

To Bingchao supermarket Ma Ya Xiang resident Zhang Jingbing 5891039

Pingyi Salt Co., Ltd. iodine free salt supply outlets

Name address person

The Milky Way supermarket Chengguan Huang Youzeng 13054905877

Large Chengguan run min Dong Yuanmei supermarket 13563935221

Fengyang sun 4931859 German supermarket joint supply and marketing

The integrated supermarket Lin Jian Lu Dianbo 4911818

The white Yan Bai Yan joint supply and marketing cooperatives Sun Fakui supermarket 4071828

Union supermarket Wei Jun Jun cloud 4051038

Supply and marketing department of integrated wholesale Feng Zheng Chengruan 13884872546

Beijing store Liu Yu Wei Xiulan 4011139

Fuwa warm water Jan Lamb 4311799

The United Qingxin 13884889627 Wu copper supermarket

Combined with local supermarket Hou Jingguo 4391836 81

Blue sky supermarket Zhang Qiu 4981555

The integrated supermarket Bianqiao Cui Yunzhuo 4321888

The integrated supermarket in Berlin forest Qingqi 4401712

Xinghua supermarket Paul Cheng Zhifeng 4471688 too

Supply and marketing supermarket No. 018 Wu Wei Youlin 4906888

Zhengda supermarket Zhong Cun Liu Jie 4411733

Mengyin Salt Co., Ltd. iodine free salt supply outlets

Name address person

Rich home supermarket Chengguan Chen Jian 4810000

Taoyuan Chengguan supermarket Xu Zhiguo 4815604

Tao Qu Wang three yuan supermarket cross 4558020

Lao Xie Salesroom Jiepai Liu Naili 4568398

By the supermarket duo Zhuang Wang Shihai 4588668

Supply and marketing cooperatives Salesroom city week 4518550 Changxi

Zhang is the city of the Department of high Zhang Ping 4618381

Xin Yuan supermarket Chang Lu Li Gaocun 4538039

Supermarket supply and marketing Jiu Zhai Guo Yongcun 4728522

Hongyuan supermarket Tan Bu Gong Yan Ji 4718786

Non-staple food supply and marketing building shops daigu, Liu Yungui 15106683068

Supply and marketing store shops Jihou sun 4628360

Yishui Salt Co., Ltd. iodine free salt supply outlets

Name address person

Supply and marketing supermarket Ma Station Xue Hongwei 2661171

Supermarket supply and marketing circle of Zhen Niu Chi lien 13615499507

Zhu Ge Zhen Liu Chunzhong 2731242 bridge shop

Oriental Supermarket sand ditch town Li Chunzhi 2761185

Supermarket supply and marketing Xia Wei Zhen Tan Baodong 2421532

A friendly high town supermarket 2441677 days

Oriental Supermarket Mount Huangshan Zhang Yufei 2611309

Darunfa supermarket Cuijiayu town Liu Zhaolian 2641696

Supply and marketing supermarket Quan Zhuang Wei 2692168

Xinfeng Guan Zhuang Xiang Ma Hongwu 2881616 supermarket

Zhang Jingzeng supermarket supply and marketing Gaoqiaozhen 2811473

Yang Dongsheng supermarket Yang Town Yang Jundong 2851577

2331007 Huang Shuzhen Xiang Dauto supermarket supply and marketing

Jiajiayue supermarket Long Jia Quan Xiang Pang Yunming 2569198

Yishui Zhen Gu Chengdong 2711518 supermarket supply and marketing

Chen Weidong Lianhua Supermarket Yishui city 7120666

Forty Mile store Guo Baorong Town, the town of 2401218, forty

Supply of non-staple food store Xu Hu Zhen Zhang Jianyi 2501168

Supermarket supply and marketing Yao Dian Zi Zhen Li Biao 2551888

In the supermarket loyalty Yuandongtou town Du Zhongjun 2591207

Yinan Salt Co., Ltd. iodine free salt supply outlets

Name address person

Biaogui supermarket copper town Wu Peijuan 3820838

Financial supermarket Yi Wen Zhen Liu Yuancai 3801038

Peng Xiang Wang Xuepeng school supermarket Mamu pond 3761096

Ji Yu supermarket Su Jiyu 13256513491

Enter the supermarket to enter the 3311552 sun Zu Zhen Ni

Read the supermarket Zhang Nen Wen Shuang Hou Zhen 3711386

Jin Yuan supermarket Qing Tuo Zhen Wang Jianxia 3661049

3621155 Wang Xingji supermarket auspicious brick town

Zhao Yuzhong Zhang Zhen aquatic supermarket 3640328

The integrity of the supermarket Xinji town high tree 3541028

Zhuang Zhen Zhang Jian 3551101 Huayang supermarket supply and marketing

Friends of the Chang Ge Gou Zhen Lu Changyou 3611111 supermarket

Zhao Xing Yang Po Zhen Yang Zhaoxing 3581528 comprehensive supermarket

Hengsheng supermarket Pu Wang Zhen Fu Xiufang 3721188

Million supermarket cold Guiqiang Town Lake 3882959

Supply and marketing supermarket Su Village in bright 3851507

Orient Shopping Center Tan Chengjuan 13285396916

People supermarket County Liu Yaxia 3710666

Salt supermarket salt company Li Faliang 3221851

Junan Salt Company salt iodine supply outlets

Name address person

The southern section of Tang Xuecui County Wanbao supermarket bridge 13589666744

7212267 Kaiyuan County Road sun supermarket store democratic achievements

The supermarket stores Kaiyuan laopo laopo town resident Li Ming Jiang 7843588

Wen Wen Tuan Tuan Zhen Huaxing supermarket town resident Sun Weihua 7863122

Other side of the town in the wholesale side of town resident Wang Li 7723076 feast

Ting Ting Department of water credit wholesale water town resident Zhu Chongzhen 7773035

Da Dian Zhen Department of supply and Marketing Cooperative wholesale large Zhen resident Li Zhenhua 7813475

Zhen Zhenhua Wholesale Department of stone lotus town resident Du Zhenhua 7763159,

Crossing Xiang Sheng Da Wholesale Department crossing 7725356 Yu Youbing Township resident

Town square Star Supermarket town square resident Zhang Sigang 7533189

Ping Town, Hengli Town resident Chen Ping Wholesale Department on the 7553166 Weili

Zhu Lu Zhen Li Jian Li Jian Zhu Lu town resident 7883013 Salesroom

Tuan Lin Zhen Qian Jia Hui supermarket tuanlin town resident Zhao Rentao 7583566

Zhu Bian hte Wholesale Department Zhu Bian town resident Liu Xingtian 7623184

Kaiyuan supermarket channel branch phase Gou resident Zhang Chuanjun 7643888

Kaiyuan spring plate spring plate supermarket stores Town resident Song Qingjun 7663288

Ling Quan Zhen sun Jiazhan Wholesale Department Ling Quan Zhen di Sun Jiazhan 7713285

Di Tiantian Le Di Zhen Zhu Di Du Zengzhi 7513013

Fuyuan supermarket Zhuang Gang Zhen Zhuang Gang Zhen Lu Tao Zhu Di 7593278

Linshu Salt Co., Ltd. iodine free salt supply outlets

Name address person

Linshu Native Produce Company fourth Wholesale Department of Linshu town high Wenren 6211835

Linshu Linshu tobacco grocery store Zhen you will save 6234089

Zheng Shan Zheng town high Renfang 6261445 supermarket supply and marketing

White yak Wholesale Department white Mao Zhen Ge rich 6330776

Qingyun Wang Qingyun town top 6310020 Wholesale Department

Tang Qin Yushan supply and marketing department of wholesale Yushan town 6421192

Hu Shunjin dragon dragon town 13854954284 Wholesale Department of supply and marketing

Zhu Cang HSBC wholesale department when Zhu Cang Xiang Jade Flower 6411200

Hengtong 6360883 Wholesale Department southern town Wang Tong.

Hongfu supermarket shop town seedlings' 6980785

Shimen integrated wholesale Department of Shimen Town Wang 2138705

The supermarket Cao Zhuang Zhen Wang Wen 6380860

Daxing Daxing Town Zhang Weiguang 6912633 Department of non-staple food store



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