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Dietary considerations in patients with hyperuricemia and gout:Sina (Fan Zhihong original nutrition information) changed slightly1 eat seafo


Dietary considerations in patients with hyperuricemia and gout:

Sina (Fan Zhihong original nutrition information) changed slightly

1 eat seafood, animal offal. They are typical high purine foods.

2 strict abstinence. Including beer, wine, brandy, whisky, wine and other Wine etc.. Alcohol promotes endogenous uric acid production.

3 do not eat sweets, do not drink a variety of sweet drinks, including sweet fruit juice. Fructose promotes endogenous uric acid production. Soda drinks are good for uric acid, but not in control of blood pressure. Given the increased risk of high blood pressure and stroke in patients with gout, it is not recommended to drink a lot, but can not rely on soda and give up diet control.

4 do not drink delicious broth, chicken soup, fish soup, seafood soup, Hot pot soup. High purine content.

More than and 5 drink water to promote uric acid excretion. Drink boiling water, tea water can be. About 2500ml per day. Studies have shown that coffee and tea does not promote the role of gout, as long as no sugar, moderate drinking may wish.

6 eat a lot of vegetables, 750 grams a day as good. Vegetables contain a lot of potassium calcium and magnesium elements, is conducive to improve the pH value of urine, promote the excretion of uric acid. Most of the oxalic acid content of green leafy vegetables than eggplant potato, spinach, amaranth, spinach and even a few high oxalate vegetables, as long as with boiling water boiled, remove most of the oxalic acid is still beneficial to control gout and prevent complications, no need to worry about the problem of purine. As long as cooking less oil, cooked vegetables is also very good, do not have the raw.

7 egg milk for low purine food, according to the normal amount of food. Scruples cholesterol, an egg a day can be yellow. If the protein is not supplied, the protein can eat two. Studies have shown that milk is good for gout patients, skim milk without limit; but because of the yogurt to concerns by microbial fermentation of purine content increased, and lactic acid may also interfere with uric acid excretion, only a small amount of food.

8 fish limit, according to the dietary guidelines, no more than 100 grams of fish per day, or 75 grams of meat. Too much animal protein is not conducive to reducing the pH value of urine, and will increase the urinary calcium loss, adverse for gout patients.

9 soy products such as tofu, dried tofu and other low purine content, can be a small amount of food, some of the fish to replace the supply of protein. Can not add a lot of soy milk in addition to fish egg milk. If the renal function has been damaged, the total amount of protein must be controlled, not limited to the control of soy products. If you have a physical experience after eating soy products, you also need to disable.

10 normal eating fruits and grains staple food. Millet and other grains and rice is lower than the purine content, potassium and magnesium content is much higher than that of rice, is beneficial to patients with gout, without white Steamed Rice meal. Red beans, kidney beans, peas and beans with rice flour starch purine content is high, but lower than that of soybeans, and potassium content is very high, as a small amount of ingredients without forbidden porridge.

11 note that dietary restriction of salt and cooking oil, appropriate to reduce the white rice, pay attention to the control of blood pressure and blood lipid, and avoid complications of other chronic diseases. It should limit sodium containing chicken, MSG and other spices, especially chicken, mushroom powder containing nucleotide, should use less.

12 active exercise, reduce body fat, can help prevent a variety of complications, but also to improve the overall metabolic function. Physical exercise a little sweat harmless, and even help to reduce the burden on the kidneys.

Warm advice: that people with high blood uric acid can be appropriate to eat soy products, is said to replace fish eggs, protein and total purine content can not be added, not add soy products in addition to eat fish eggs. The amount should be controlled, it is recommended to limit the daily 30 grams of soy, converted into water tofu is not more than 90 grams; if you drink soy milk without adverse reactions, it is recommended that no more than 1 cups. It is not recommended to take any protein powder products, eat less imitation meat products, do not eat tofu fried, halogen and other small snacks made. If you find that there is a food allergy, or after eating any physical discomfort, should immediately stop.



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