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    vitiligo is a depigmentation of the skin as the main manifestation of common skin disease, affecting appearance, refractory. C


    vitiligo is a depigmentation of the skin as the main manifestation of common skin disease, affecting appearance, refractory. Cause a lot of patients or family members in the heart is very painful, especially when going out or candidates always someone to cast a strange look, or far away, more heavy psychological burden. To get rid of wound white magic, many patients or their families along the path through the ads in many places, spent several million dollars, but continue to vitiligo Kunrao patients or their families, even some patients have the idea of suicide.

    in fact, vitiligo does not itch does not hurt, does not interfere with the work and life, but a bit of visual displeasure, but not contagious. The etiology is unclear, there are many theories, such as genetic theory, autoimmune theory, melanocytes destruction doctrine and neurochemical factor hypothesis. At present, many mathematics support the theory of autoimmunity. Vitiligo easy diagnosis, treatment is difficult, there is still a lack of effective methods, various treatment methods are effective methods such as exploratory, currently recognized as: photochemotherapy, hormone, melanocyte transplantation and Chinese medicine. Some new treatments are under study. Drugs and treatment options available for variety, should adopt in under the guidance of dermatologists.

    special attention is needed to remind patients, skin specialist outpatient treatment must choose the regular hospital, by specialist doctors decided to choose the suitable method, must not look at advertising to a small clinic to give money. At present, the hospital has been playing very well in hospitals and clinics, and no one has been recognized by the academic community. The cure rate is far less than that of the regular hospital. Patients do not have to go to Xi'an, Beijing, Shanghai and other places to run, should be treated on the spot, because the Chinese group of experts in the study of pigmented diseases often communicate with each other, treatment, efficacy are not significant.

Patients or their families most in need of a good balance of their mentality, can not be overwhelmed by the disease, the psychological burden is often overweight psychological condition. To face life bravely, but not to lose faith in life because of repeated treatment ineffective. Although vitiligo is difficult to cure, but it's not as difficult as people think, as long as they can adhere to medication, almost everyone, a lot of people can get cured.

Finally, wish patients with vitiligo or family members have a good mood, and also wish to have a good treatment of vitiligo patients!!!

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