How to protect patients with vitiligo in spring

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Spring is a beautiful season, everything started to recover, the temperature is gradually warming, people's outdoor activities also increase


Spring is a beautiful season, everything started to recover, the temperature is gradually warming, people's outdoor activities also increased, but the incidence of vitiligo in the spring and the recurrence rate is high, therefore, vitiligo patients need extra attention. For the protection of vitiligo in spring, I sort out some of the notes, we want to help.

First, strengthen routine care

Although the temperature is warmer in spring, but relatively dry, such as not pay attention to the protection, the skin will appear dry, which will affect the normal metabolism of the skin, which indirectly aggravate the condition of vitiligo. Therefore, it is recommended that patients with vitiligo to do a good job of daily skin moisturizer. It is recommended to use some lotion, at the same time more water for the body to provide adequate moisture.

Patients with vitiligo in the spring bath, the water temperature should not be too high, as far as possible to reduce the use of soap bath dew, rinse water can be. After the bath, pay attention to the timely application of skin care products, it is best to dry in the body within 3 minutes, you can prevent the loss of water. For dry skin, you can also use a moderate amount of olive oil massage to dry parts of the skin.

Two, do a good job of sunscreen

Spring sunshine is relatively strong, although the appropriate sun can promote the synthesis of melanin, but if the exposure time is too long, ultraviolet radiation will also inhibit the metabolism of melanin, which is disadvantageous to the formation of melanin, it is recommended that you avoid long time sunshine, go out to play good sunscreen, sunscreen or sunshade isolation ultraviolet.

For patients with vitiligo lesions, it is recommended not to use the mask. In addition to some special effects of mask and collagen mask can be used, other types of mask as much as possible, because the vast majority of the mask will contain artificial flavors, hydroquinone, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol, these substances may cause skin leukoplakia, which aggravate vitiligo disease.

Three, a reasonable diet

Spring can eat lots of fresh fruit, but the formation of rich fruits of vitamin C can inhibit melanin, vitiligo patients should try to eat less fruits rich in vitamin C, such as strawberries, oranges, lemons, oranges, tomatoes and kiwi. Diet can eat some black sesame, black rice, black beans, black fungus, bean products and animal liver.

Four, appropriate exercise, enhance physical fitness

Although the temperature gradually picked up in the spring, but sooner or later, a larger temperature difference, a little attention will be cold, so the spring is also a cold season. However, the cold will make the human body to produce a stress response, the immune system is poor, the stress response will continue for a long time, so that there will be a great deal of risk may induce vitiligo, increase the severity of the disease. Therefore, it is recommended that appropriate exercise, enhance physical fitness, maintain room ventilation, less crowded places.

Hope that every patient with vitiligo can have a happy mood, wish all patients with vitiligo can recover as soon as possible!

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