What are the problems with sunbathing?

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White skin to accept the sun is easy to aging skinDepartment of Dermatology Wuhan Union Hospital Feng AipingPeople began to wear short in su


White skin to accept the sun is easy to aging skin

Department of Dermatology Wuhan Union Hospital Feng Aiping

People began to wear short in summer clothes, will be found to cover the skin more delicate, delicate, smooth and elastic, and the sun had darker skin, drying, not smooth, desquamation. This is due to the long-term ultraviolet A irradiation can cause the skin collagen fibers deformation, the surface of the skin keratinocytes, easy aging cell necrosis, water evaporation, the skin becomes rough and dry, no flexibility, long prone to wrinkles and aging. Some people will therefore appear spots ranging in size on the face, there are some telangiectasia, make beautiful face beautiful left flaws, discount.

People will find that compared in outdoor labor of farmers and working indoors counterparts, the former than the latter is older, and to the elderly will obviously feel the hand and face senile plaques, which are the result of UV days and months multiplying. Ultraviolet B will cause skin erythema, edema and inflammatory reaction in a very short period of time, cause skin sunburn or allergies, especially white skin are more careful sunbathing. We often encounter the face of the Yin and Yang face of white-collar workers, while the face white, black face, and aging fast, which is related to the intensity of the fluorescent light.

Early exposure to sun tanning increases the risk of skin cancer

Ultraviolet radiation is used to disinfect, also can be used for the treatment of vitiligo, eczema and psoriasis, but only limited application for a long time, the skin will be sunburn; especially the two UV interactions will damage the epidermal cells of DNA induced gene mutation, proto oncogene activation, which leads to the occurrence of skin cancer. Western melanoma and other skin cancer incidence, and more like sunbathing, because the white skin is easy to absorb ultraviolet light, increase skin sunburn and skin superficial epidermal cell mutation. The study found that, if you accept the tanning exposure before the age of 30, the risk of skin cancer will surge 75%. In fact, highly malignant melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma of the skin cancer and long-term exposure to ultraviolet light has a great relationship.

In addition, the medical treatment of ultraviolet radiation during eye protection, patients need to wear special glasses to protect the eyes. If the sun is not popular, standardized management, UV is very easy on the eyes and cause effect, causing cataracts, pterygium (a white excrescences on the cornea) and eye inflammation, such as light and light conjunctivitis and keratitis. In addition, such as long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, can inhibit the body's immune system, may lead to lymphoma or other infectious diseases such as infectious diseases. Just for the pursuit of skin color bodybuilding, but also the eyes of inflammation and other diseases are also attracted, it can not talk about a healthy fashion beauty.

In fact, even more popular in the United States for sunbathing, sunlamps can also be classified as medical instruments to regulate the management, strict requirements in place must use warning labels, can not use the "safe Tan" and "no harmful light" and "no side effects" and other similar publicity. In China, tanning is popular, but due to lack of legal standards and the corresponding supervision and management, there are great risks, risks and dangers can not leave. Otherwise, the temptation and beauty of a "Black Sun" bring you not bronze, but may take your health and life.

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