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Main points:Vitiligo is an independent disease? Is its treatment as an independent disease?Or conversely, vitiligo includes a variety of dif


Main points:

Vitiligo is an independent disease? Is its treatment as an independent disease?

Or conversely, vitiligo includes a variety of different causes of different diseases, they are manifested as white patches on the skin and require different treatment methods?

Genetic research can enable us to find ways to treat vitiligo?

Can vitiligo patients benefit from effective treatments?

Cloud medical research management (MRM) can bring?

Vitiligo treatment and cure of the new hope?


This is the only point in this manual that all the questions are at the end of the question mark.

Vitiligo etiology is still not clear, this sentence must always follow the phrase, because each patient's skin white spots may be different processes."

In other words, the same skin white spots of different individuals are diagnosed by the Department of Dermatology doctors, and the production, release and clearance of skin pigment are likely to be affected by many different mechanisms.

So perhaps vitiligo is not only a form, but there are more forms of vitiligo affect different individuals, and its performance is similar or the same skin or mucosal leukoplakia.

This concept does not include skin white spots, including those known to cause skin white spots.

This suggests that different types of vitiligo require different treatment modalities, the final prognosis is different.

This also suggests that the current "comprehensive treatment" is the most reasonable for any case.

It is hard to say that genetic research can directly find a cure for vitiligo. Most likely, it will not happen soon. Twins with the same gene also developed only 23% of vitiligo, indicating that environmental and non genetic factors have an important impact on vitiligo.

Genetic studies may help us distinguish between different subgroups of skin / leukoplakia, assist doctors to diagnose vitiligo, take different treatments and may achieve a completely different prognosis. This is the best target for genetic testing of patients with vitiligo, there is a good prospect. In addition, genetic studies may be useful in predicting treatment outcomes, and the best treatment options can be used for specific patients.

The cost and feasibility of treatment must be considered when selecting a treatment plan. The vast majority of patients with vitiligo to choose the appropriate treatment plan will bring a heavy financial burden.

This problem will become more severe in recent years due to the increased cost of effective treatment in many countries and the effective treatment of vitiligo.

Therefore, the treatment of vitiligo is affected by many factors of cross interaction, including the identification of specific forms of vitiligo (classification and Genetics), intrinsic biological pathways to assess each patient produce skin leukoplakia (Physiology), the final selection of the appropriate treatment (expected cure).

The last issue is (perhaps even more obvious) in the future, this is a chronic disease that may be common to all people, and we must consider the feasibility of cost and treatment.

The majority of patients with vitiligo in the treatment of reasonable economic difficulties.

The treatment and cure of vitiligo is a complex problem, but we have a correct understanding of it.

The scientific community and the association of vitiligo patients need to complete the problem of the remaining part of the vitiligo Foundation jointly, brainstorming, efforts to overcome the vitiligo, solve this problem.

Vitiligo Research Foundation (www.vrfoundation.org; www.vitinomics.net) is committed to allowing you to understand the ongoing research and treatment of vitiligo progress.



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