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"Every summer, I will attack the beriberi. I put a lot of drugs, but also tried many remedies, such as vinegar, pepper blisters, but is stil


"Every summer, I will attack the beriberi. I put a lot of drugs, but also tried many remedies, such as vinegar, pepper blisters, but is still not good, but also spread to the family! ". Department of Dermatology Shijitan Hospital experts pointed out: Although beriberi is a minor illness, not much harm to the body, but easily lead to self and family infection. To deal with the disease, prevention is the first, in the application outside the medication should adhere to oral medicine, can reduce the recurrence of beriberi.

Beriberi is commonly known as the cause of tinea pedis, beriberi culprit is the fungus, usually called beriberi foot fungus infection, not timely control will spread to other parts of. Once the disease, will feel the foot skin itch, erythema, desquamation and between the toes, some patients will unconsciously scratching, causing blisters, peeling, chapped etc.. Beriberi is common in everyday life, the beriberi attack with a variety of factors, such as bathing in public bathrooms, public wearing slippers, with public towel indirect contact infection, foot bath with strict disinfection of the patients with tinea pedis Jiaopen etc..

Secondly, with insufficient attention to the beriberi treatment is also one of the reasons causing the disease pfeiffer. Many people think that it is "small", no treatment caused long-term healing. In addition, immunocompromised or associated with other diseases, such as the high risk population of frail elderly patients, patients with diabetes and beriberi.

Irregular treatment easier to repeat hair

Everyone has a different type of beriberi, need symptomatic treatment, such as peeling, cracked, medication to cream, ointment; skin appear seepage, cannot use excitant too strong drugs, and we will do for a little sore. Some people may be more complex, but also according to the specific circumstances of medication.

In some cases there are many errors in the treatment of some people to treatment in the itch unbearable; some people choose a kind of medicine, has made a slight relief on the withdrawal without frequent replacement of different drugs, patients with repeated trials, some people believe in the recipe, the result often is counterproductive, easy to recurrent disease.

Pay attention to health to reduce infection

Beriberi is an infectious skin disease, if not pay attention, not only may spread to other parts of the body, causing its infection and trigger the infection, also may be transmitted to close contact with the family.

Beriberi occurs, if treatment is not timely or not complete, may cause tinea corporis, tinea cruris, tinea manus, tinea unguium (onychomycosis) etc.. People often endure itching and scratching, also secondary bacterial infection. The summer may also be due to infection patients with tinea pedis system in vivo decreased resistance caused by the body, or even serious complications.

How to reduce infection? Infectious beriberi is not very strong, is in close contact with infectious. Therefore, people should pay attention to hygiene, frequently changes the socks, not to wear airtight shoes and keep your feet dry and not in the bath, swimming pool, walk in the sewage; if suffering from beriberi, used their own shoes, socks, foot massager and so may the presence of pathogenic fungi. If you suffer from beriberi, don't be treated actively, and family public towel, slippers, foot bath, so as not to infect others.

Want to quit, focusing on prevention and treatment

People suffering from beriberi, parasitic fungi long, so the required long-term use of drugs to be eliminated. Beriberi treatment generally requires more than 4 weeks time, but patients are usually 1~2 weeks after the use of a slightly better stop. Although the disease is very stubborn, but not only can cure, most patients on the drug compliance is poor, and the patients pay attention to wipe topical drugs, while neglecting oral medication, prone to infection again. External application medicine quick effect, but the effect of oral drugs will be more durable, so that patients in the treatment of beriberi best topical antifungal oral drug.

No longer want to relapse prevention is very important, the athlete's foot patients to avoid direct hand to catch the disease at. The manicure blade is best separately, often will manicure knife on the sun, or scalded with boiling water, because the majority of fungi is not high temperature. Always wear shoes to keep dry, do not wear a pair of shoes for a long time. The athlete's foot patients home, be careful not to wear each other's shoes and socks wrong. The wash towel to use alone.

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