Precautions before and after laser treatment

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Mild pain may occur during treatment, there may be a brief reaction such as redness, will disappear. 2) the callus was removed for 7 to 14 d


Mild pain may occur during treatment, there may be a brief reaction such as redness, will disappear. 2) the callus was removed for 7 to 14 days. Individual patients may appear normal temporary pigmentation, will gradually absorb. Oral vitamin C can reduce pigment reflux. 3, during the healing period, can be coated with antibacterial ointment or oral anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent secondary infection. Avoid direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Otherwise, there will be a temporary pigmentation, infection may occur after the scar. 4) peeling off the skin before the treatment area does not touch the water, do not make-up, do not rub, avoid spicy, tobacco and wine. Fast food in the near future, such as: coffee, Pepsi and so on, to let the crusts fall off their own, not forced peeling. Do not participate in strenuous exercise, so as not to cause infection after sweating. 5) after the treatment of pigmented skin diseases, we must pay attention to sunscreen, pigment fading is a slow biological process, generally for 1 - 3 months, during this period must continue to sun. In order to achieve the best results, repeat treatment should be more than 3 months interval. 6) depending on the nature of the lesions, the depth and location of the pigment may be repeated several times. 7) after treatment, such as no special cases can be separated by 2 - 3 months of referral, such as infection or other circumstances, please timely treatment. Sleep should reduce facial swelling (high pillow, the treatment site in the face). Treatment of the site around the eyes, if the eyelid swelling can be applied to the affected part of the ice, or forced to do eyelid opening and closing movement to reduce swelling. Do not use other drugs or cosmetics before the treatment of skin peeling off, in order to avoid infection. Crusts off normal face, need the complementary parts such as eyebrow to three months before they can be complementary. First, just finished the tattoo, a small area can be topical use of epidermal growth factor, a large area of the first need to burn ointment, 2-3 days under normal circumstances, 2 times / day. There will be two color, after the operation, under the influence of various differences and pigment shades, color will appear in a few minutes to a few hours, this is a normal phenomenon. In the late repair process, the color will be shallow, until the disappearance of zhejiang. Three, in the course of treatment, the differences and influence of pigment, part there will be broken and bleeding or skin blisters, this is normal, but the skin is not easy to heal and diabetic patients should pay special attention to medication, not infection, when necessary to the clinic treatment. Blisters guests, such as small blisters just do not pay attention to the skin epidermis, to prevent infection, without special medication, 3-7 days will repair blisters. If the bubble is too big, can be sterilized needle water out, then coated with anti-inflammatory drugs, as long as do not infected with scab before, let the scab fall off naturally, others by hand off, 1-2 months will repair the skin. Four, postoperative treatment sites don't rub, 2-3 days, don't touch the water, if I am allergic to certain foods (such as Spicy Seafood, etc.) should be diet during treatment. Five, scar physique in the treatment before to explain their situation, this guest is generally recommended not to wash, such as must wash, to do a good job of psychological preparation. Six, attention should be paid to the sun after treatment, after treatment of guests may leave pigmentation, the general performance of brown or red, take six months to a year to complete the repair. Seven, each treatment interval shall not be less than three months. Eight, after treatment should pay attention to observe the skin repair, such as the skin for a long time does not heal or infection, should be timely treatment.

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