Selection of external treatment for condyloma acuminatum

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Recently, there are more patients and doctors advice on how to better choose the treatment of condyloma acuminatum external therapy, in this


Recently, there are more patients and doctors advice on how to better choose the treatment of condyloma acuminatum external therapy, in this personal recommendations for reference.

Treatment of condyloma acuminatum is mainly used to remove the external treatment of the disease has grown condyloma. At present, the treatment of condyloma acuminatum with topical therapy, laser therapy, drug therapy, cryotherapy, microwave therapy, photodynamic therapy and surgical treatment, but the application of laser therapy and topical drug therapy. The reasonable choice of these therapies should be based on the patient's physical condition and pathological changes, especially the pathological changes, such as the location of the lesion and the scope of the lesion, type and size, etc..

1 external drug therapy: this kind of medicine has anti-virus and / or improve the local resistance, drug application safety, the pain of the patient is small, the majority of good results. This treatment applies to all parts and various types of warts, but the pedicled warts efficacy difference of hypertrophy or large warts requires repeated or long course of medication.

2 laser therapy: this therapy can quickly remove condyloma lesions, granular or cauliflower like warts occur in single for external genital or perianal skin or mucous membrane and single wart occurred in the urethra, vagina, vagina or cervical parts of the body, a single large cauliflower like warts or pedicle how to choose laser therapy. The treatment is not suitable for large warts or repeated treatment of urethral and anal lesions, otherwise easy to produce urethral or anal adhesions and stenosis, resulting in difficulty in urination or defecation. Laser treatment of patients will have some pain, especially after the treatment of large area of the disease is easy to infection, wound healing is slow, the prognosis of scar or some physiological defects.

3 cryotherapy: the treatment of condyloma lesions by low temperature, suitable for verruca plana. Pain in the treatment of cryotherapy can lead to marked redness, necrosis, ulceration, or infection.

4 photodynamic therapy: this therapy is often used for more limited, smaller warts or laser therapy, such as the elimination of warts after the body as a preventive treatment. The safety of the treatment is better, but when the local lighting has a burning sensation or pain, some can cause local edema, each treatment time is longer, the cost of treatment is also higher.

5 microwave therapy: the treatment is like laser therapy is to directly remove the pathological changes in the clinical use of less.

6 surgical treatment: the treatment is only used for a small single base (pedicle) of the condyloma lesions. Because the surgical treatment is easy to cause the pollution to the medical equipment and so on, and the operation is more complex, at present basically does not use.

In addition, the patient's physical condition should be paid attention to when choosing the above therapy. Usually, for people with immune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus patients, or malignancy in radiotherapy / chemotherapy, as far as possible to choose topical drug therapy, laser therapy due to injury after infection and wound healing difficulties.

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